2018 America The Beautiful Silver 5oz



America The Beautiful 2018 Series

BOLD is especially excited about the 2018 America the Beautiful 5 oz Silver bullion coin series releases. Five of the most distinctive designs to date will begin their scheduled releases with the first hitting the Market in February.

Since the 2010 premier release of this beautiful series, each year has continued to demonstrate increasingly strong public demand. The sustained popularity of a bullion coinage series is often revealed during its Pre-Release sales cycles. And this is absolutely the case when it comes to the America the Beautiful 5 oz Silver bullion coins. Across the board, dealers are finding it more difficult with each release to maintain sufficient inventories to keep pace.

This, of course, speaks to the universal appeal of the overall theme of the series. As BOLD is quick to point out, each release is much more than a beautiful, investment bullion grade collectable coin. Every one features an awe-inspiring, National site. What is represented through these wonderfully designed scenes are true National treasures, having deep historical, cultural, or natural significance.

Our National Heritage

The two most widely sought U.S. coin series together tell a brave story, which must be told and retold to each generation. The American Eagle bullion coins represent America’s proud and distinctive heritage as a leader among the Nations of the world. They boldly represent that our freedom was won at a great cost. We are also reminded that our freedom is only as secure as our resolve to defend it.

In the same manner, our Nation’s amazing natural, cultural, and historical diversity is proudly displayed through these beautiful ATB coins. They remind us of the astounding riches and beauty that are ours as a nation, to protect and maintain. And each coin in the series serves as an open invitation to visit and support the National sites represented. The series can also be a tremendous teaching opportunity, as you share with your children the stories that make these sites so important to us.

A Remarkable Series Created

The America’s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-456) authorized production of these 5 oz, .999 silver bullion coins. These larger coins replicate each of the designs featured on the US Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters. They are the first 5 oz coins ever produced by the US Mint. They have a diameter of 3 inches with a nominal face value of 25 cents. The first releases in the series launched in 2010 with 5 designs. Five additional designs will follow each year through 2021 totaling 56 coins in all.

The ATB 5 oz bullion coins are one of BOLD’s most highly recommended silver series. They are considered semi-numismatic. That is, the coins have limited production (mintage) and the price factors in both the metal content and its collectability.

Being bullion products, upon release ATBs carry only a modest initial premium over the spot price of silver. That premium generally appreciates over time, once the production run for that release is complete and no new coins produced. This semi-numismatic status offers buyers the potential for a double benefit. Not only will you be holding bullion as an investment, but also the expectation of increased premium over spot from its status as a limited release in a collectible series.

Scheduled to release throughout 2018, the U.S. Mint is delivering 5 beautiful designs commemorating:

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore was established as a National Lakeshore in 1966, becoming the very first protected U.S. lakeshore. Consisting of 42 miles of Lake Superior’s shoreline, the entire area of Pictured Rocks covers over 73,000 protected acres. Stunning views of deeply multi-colored sandstone cliffs running along the shores gave rise to the Lakeshore’s name. Some of the tallest of which tower 200 ft above the lake surface.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore was established in 1970. The protected areas cover 69,372 acres of some of the most beautiful lakeshore beaches, cliffs, and coves in the U.S. Of the many distinctive attractions drawing visitors to Apostle Islands are the lighthouse tours. Eight historic Lighthouses of the Apostles are in place across six of the Islands. The oldest, Old Michigan Island Lighthouse, was built in 1856, and although it was retired in 1929, guided tours are available. Six of the eight are still in service. The protection of the pristine natural beauty of these islands is certainly the primary reason for establishing Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Voyageurs National Park was named for the historic French-Canadian fur traders, that navigated these interconnected waterways. Voyageur in French actually means “traveler,” which these early traders and settlers definitely were. The waterways of Voyageurs were a vital part of the fur trade route into the Northwest Territories. The history of Voyageurs preceding its establishment as a National Park in 1975 is fascinating. Looking back 250 years, we see the trade routes becoming more established. These navigable natural waterways clearly made way for a rich history to evolve throughout the region.

Cumberland Island National Seashore was established as a National Seashore in 1972. It is the largest of the group of four barrier islands known as the Golden Isles of Georgia. Cumberland can be reached only by boat, and the main entry is through St. Marys waterfront Ferry service. The Cumberland Island National Seashore Museum is also located in St. Marys, along with the fascinating Ice House Museum. Visitors coming to the island are there to enjoy its natural beauty in its primitive, undeveloped state. As far as its natural setting, Cumberland has the most diverse ecosystems of the four barrier islands.

Block Island National Wildlife Refuge is named after Dutch trader and navigator, Adriaen Block, who in the early 1600’s conducted extensive coastal explorations. Located 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, there are two historic lighthouses in place at opposite ends of the island. Both lighthouses are still in active service, with hosted tours. There are also beautiful recreational beaches and parks open to visitors. Block Island was established as a Natural Wildlife Refuge in 1973, in recognition of its strategic position in the migratory path in the Atlantic flyway. Consisting of only 134 acres, the Refuge nonetheless provides a vital environment for over 70 confirmed species of migratory songbirds. The island is recognized worldwide for its protected wildlife habitat, and the refuge it provides.

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