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BOLD New World


BOLD Precious Metals is passionate about bringing the precious metals marketplace to the masses. We believe that while many people are interested in owning gold and silver, they are also hesitant because they are uncertain about what and where to buy and concerned about getting ripped off. BOLDÂ’s goal is to educate potential customers on the benefits of owning precious metals, make them comfortable with the process, and ultimately bring them into the family of satisfied repeat customers.

While we may be a new face to many of you visiting our site for the first time, BOLD has been actively dealing in precious metals for several years both on the eBay platform and through direct sales. We are excited to launch our new online store at and with it a much larger inventory catering to both collectors and investors. We have worked hard to make your customer experience on the site top-notch and to offer our products at industry leading best prices. We DO NOT hard sell our customers. It is our singular focus to have a well-informed customer group who understands what they are buying and is 100% satisfied with every purchase experience.

The BOLD team has come from a variety of technical backgrounds including engineering, geoscience, finance and information technology. As a true family business, we are leveraging our past personal successes to build a strong, lasting enterprise based on the following four pillars of excellence: unwavering trustworthiness, unmatched customer service, uncommon selection of inventory, and incredibly low prices.

  • Trustworthiness: BOLD is well-capitalized and does not sell products that we cannot deliver in accordance with our standard terms and conditions. You will receive the products you order in the time we promise. Period.
  • Customer Service: BOLD is committed to delivering 100% Customer Satisfaction. Whenever there are questions or concerns about an order, we will respond quickly and bend over backwards to keep our customers happy.
  • Inventory: BOLD carries a wide selection of both modern coins, bullion products, and graded numismatics. We are constantly restocking and adding new items so that investors/collectors will always have interesting options available when they are ready to add to their stacks.
  • Prices: BOLD works hard to source our inventory from highly reputable suppliers at the lowest cost possible. This allows us to offer our products at amazing prices. We do not offer uneconomically low prices on a few high profile products just to jack up the premiums on everything else. We give our best pricing possible on all products at all times.

In the coming months, BOLD will be adding exciting new features that will help our customers manage their collections and investment portfolios and make the process of adding to them more efficient. Our aim is to offer you the tools, inventory and prices that will enable you to preserve your wealth and build a strong financial foundation for you and your loved ones.

Click HERE to read more about the BOLD team and our philosophy. Never forget, Fortune Favors The BOLD!