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BOLD Precious Metals understands that fiat currencies such as the US Dollar have no intrinsic value of their own. They are only as strong and secure as the sovereign entity who guarantees them. There is no physical asset upon which their worth is based and which limits their production. Historically speaking, such fiat currencies have always failed eventually. The timing of that failure is generally influenced by the level of financial restraint and responsibility of the government printing and guaranteeing the currency. Unfortunately, the ongoing spiral of gross overspending and debt accumulation we see throughout the industrialized world today is a harbinger of currency crises to come.

On the other hand, for millennia gold and silver have functioned as hard currency – a medium of exchange that carries its own value and is not dependent on the guarantee of an institution. BOLD Precious Metals recognizes the historical evidence that while government backed currencies come and go, gold and silver will always remain a safe haven to store wealth. Investment advisers often object to clients buying gold and silver by pointing out that there is no clear growth strategy in owning precious metals, but they are missing the point. By trading dollars for gold and silver coins, you are safe-guarding the value of those dollars by removing them from the global banking systems that manipulate their value and the volatility of the equity (stock) markets over which you have no control. The dollars you store in precious metals are no longer subject to losing value through inflation. In fact, gold and silver increases in value when currencies lose buying power through inflation. You are storing the wealth you have accumulated by the production of your labor in an asset that has all of civilized human history on its side. As noted in Genesis 13:2, “Abram had become very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold.” You will need to find another source to order your livestock from, but BOLD has you covered for precious metals!

BOLD Precious Metals also believes that beyond the universal “safe haven” aspect of owning gold and silver there is also legitimate potential for gold and silver to grow your wealth through premium appreciation. The premium is the difference between the spot price of a metal and the market price of a product made from that metal. Our philosophy seeks to blend the emphasis on wealth preservation and premium appreciation and we encourage our customers to do the same. As BOLD only sells products that we would be happy to buy back in the future, you can rest assured that when you need to unlock the dollars you have stored in your coins BOLD will buy them back from you at a fair price.

BOLD Precious Metals is strongly focused on opening up the precious metals marketplace to the “every-man”. There is a prevalent perception that one must be wealthy to think about owning gold and silver, but we strongly object to that. Once you understand the benefits of owning gold and silver, BOLD makes it easy to buy no matter what volume you can afford. Our goal is that every day consumers feel comfortable building a personal savings through precious metals at whatever speed their budget allows.