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Our Story

The BOLD Family

At BOLD Precious Metals, our involvement in precious metals stretches back over 30 years to the influence of our grandfather, an avid coin collector. He instilled in our family an abiding appreciation for the beauty and historical significance of coins. As we grew up and pursued careers in various fields including engineering, finance, and technology we maintained that interest, first as a hobby and then as a means to invest in physical precious metals. Coin collecting became a fun and rewarding way to teach our own children about the history of the United States and introduce them to other cultures around the world.

Along the way, we have come to understand the precarious nature of fiat-based currency systems and the intrinsic value of gold and silver currency and the financial security that holding physical precious metal provides. Our family has now turned this hobby, passed on to us from our grandfather, into a thriving business. We are fully dedicated to helping you find the right products at great prices supported by excellent customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Based in Austin, Texas, we stand behind every product we sell and are committed to earning your business each and every time you visit our store.

As a company, BOLD Precious Metals is passionate about bringing the precious metals marketplace to the masses. We believe that while many people are interested in owning gold and silver, they are also hesitant because they are uncertain about what and where to buy and concerned about getting ripped off. BOLD’s goal is to educate potential customers on the benefits of owning precious metals, make them comfortable with the process, and ultimately bring them into the family of satisfied repeat customers.

BOLD Precious Metals leverages our relationships with top suppliers around the world to offer a wide selection of modern coins, rounds, bars, and top quality graded coins from PCGS and NGC at very competitive prices. We DO NOT hard sell our customers. It is our singular focus to have a well-informed customer group who understands what they are buying and is 100% satisfied with every purchase experience. We only source top quality products that we would be happy to buy back in the future.

Check back often as we regularly add items to our inventory. We also offer unique gift sets and top quality supplies that are sure to delight the special coin collectors in your life.