Payment Options

Payment Types Allowed Order Amount (USD) Payment Due
Credit Card $0.01 – $2,500 Instant Online
Electronic Check * $0.01 – $2,500 Instant Online
PayPal $0.01 – $2,500 Instant Online
Paper Check $0.01 – $25,000 5 Business Days
Bank Wire $5,000 – $100,000+ 1 Business Day

For orders exceeding $100,000, please contact us to lock in the price over the phone at 1-866-454-BOLD.

NOTE: Due to high levels of fraud in our industry, BOLD reserves the right to adjust these policies on a case by case basis when certain payment safeguards are triggered.

* Individual eCheck limits may be set higher based on order history. To view your limit, click the “eCheck Payment Limit” link under “My Account”.