2014-2015 Silver Canadian Birds of Prey Complete Set in Handcrafted Display Box


4 coins, in hand crafted display box, each handled with gloves from sealed monster boxes and hand selected to ensure high quality coins without the common “milk spots”.

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Canadian Birds of Prey Series

  • The first coin in the Canadian Birds of Prey series, released in February 2014, features the peregrine falcon on its reverse side. Acclaimed local coin illustrator Emily Damstra designed the image of the falcon descending on its prey, with its talons outstretched. The weight and fineness of the coins, as well as the country name “Canada,” are also marked. The peregrine falcon coin is available in bullion and collectible proof versions.
  • The second coin, launched in August 2014, depicts the Canadian bald eagle. Again, the Royal Canadian Mint commissioned Emily Damstra for the design. She has created an intricate illustration of the bald eagle in full flight, clutching a hapless fish in its claws. The coin also features the country of manufacture along with the coin’s weight and fineness. It has a theme “whose appeal and relevance transcends borders,” according to the mint’s interim president and CEO Marc Brûlé. The Canadian bald eagle coin is available in bullion and numismatic versions.
  • The third coin, gracing the obverse of the coin is none other than the winged predator itself, the red-tailed hawk. It has been skillfully rendered in meticulous detail so as to capture each distinct feature, from the curve of its beak to the texture of its feathers. Equally as impressive is the sense of movement created by the dynamic angles of the hawk’s body. Details, such as its protruding head and fully extended wings and talons, offer viewers a glimpse of this airborne assailant from the prey’s perspective and make it appear as though the hawk were ready to swoop down on them from above. Also inscribed unto the front of the coin are its purity, weight and country of issue.
  • The fourth and final coin is an image of the menacing great horned owl as it swoops in on its prey. The bird’s figure is finished in a frosted relief, with the background featuring a unique lined, textured background. Engravings include “Canada,” the illustrator’s initials “ED,” and the coin’s purity, metal content, and weight.

Some of Canada’s most iconic birds are commemorated in the Royal Canadian Mint’s four-coin collection: the Birds of Prey series. This silver coin series was released by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2014 and 2015 to celebrate the nation’s native bird-life. According to Ian E. Bennett, then president and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, the collection was released “not only to solidify our reputation for quality but also to capture the imagination of our customers with distinctly Canadian themes.”

The Birds of Prey series has a staggered release, with the first launched in February 2014, the second in August 2014, the third in February 2015, and the final coin in August 2015.

Each piece is a full one-ounce coin made of 99.99% pure silver and crafted in an attractive bullion finish. The Royal Canadian Mint guarantees the authenticity and silver content of every item from the Birds of Prey coin series.

*Important Note

These coins will come unblemished and will arrive with protective capsules along with a handcrafted display box designed specifically for the Birds of Prey series.    

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