2018 Antigua & Barbuda Silver Rum Runner 1 oz (5 Coin Pack)

First of four Scottsdale Mint EC8 2018 Coin Program releases. Exciting design and very limited mintage (25,000). Be quick to get in on the begining of this stunning series! Each coin in this 5-Coin Pack will come in a mint-issued plastic capsule, and sealed together in a mint-issued sheet.


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2018 Silver 1 oz Antigua & Barbuda Rum Runner (5 Coin Pack)

It is always great news when a new market opens to the global precious metals community. Once again, Scottsdale Mint has been very busy making it happen! Brand new for 2018, Scottsdale Mint, in conjunction with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) members, will begin issuing four astounding new coin releases. The ECCB is comprised of the eight Caribbean island members, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Historical Intrigue!

First up is this quite amazing 2018 Silver 1 oz Antigua & Barbuda Rum Runner! The coin is issued under the banner of Antigua and Barbuda, the two major islands that comprise this single sovereign state. Positioned between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, these beautiful Caribbean islands are rich in exotic beauty. Antigua and Barbuda is not only rich in lush tropical beauty, but also in historical intrigue! This is where the theme of this stunning coin originates.

Colonial plantations, sugarcane, molasses, rum production, fierce competition, high taxes, rum running (smuggling), and yes, Royal Navy cutters and pirates! To this day such stories bring to life the history of those dangerous times of the Caribbean Islands. They also have inspired the scene depicted on this first release of the EC8 2018 Coin Program, the 2018 Silver 1 oz Antigua & Barbuda Rum Runner.

Breathtaking Design

The obverse of the coin will be common to the four EC8 2018 releases. The inset features the Raphael Maklouf effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Distinctive laurels of evergreen shrubs frame the portrait on either side, nearly filling the center inset. A narrow band encircles the rim, which includes the inscriptions, “EASTERN CARIBBEAN CENTRAL BANK” at the top, and “1 oz .999 SILVER, QUEEN ELIZABETH II, 2 DOLLARS” at the bottom rim.

The reverse features an 18th century pirate ship, as viewed from the shore. All sails are raised, and a forward line holds it fast. Consistent with Scottsdale’s design standards and craftsmanship, the fineness of detail displayed on every aspect of the large ship is simply amazing! The same is true of the entire scene.

A tall cloudbank threatens in the distance, but ultimately gives way to clear skies. On the shore three wooden barrels of rum are prominently displayed, stacked off to the right. An open, half-empty bottle is resting on the ground nearby. We might wonder what became of the sailor who had done the taste testing…

From the vantage point of the viewer, standing a short distance from the barrels, the entire scene almost takes your breath away! Its composition and elements are framed perfectly. The inscriptions include “ANTIGUA & BARBUDA” in a very fitting bold script. Also included is the year of release, 2018.

This inaugural release of the EC8 2018 Coin Program is certainly a coin you will not want to miss!As the first of the four unique releases scheduled for 2018, this 2018 Silver 1 oz Antigua & Barbuda Rum Runner is sure to sell quickly. The limited mintage of 25,000 makes it even more attractive!


  • 2018 Silver 1 oz Antigua & Barbuda Rum Runner (5 Coin Pack).
  • First release of four EC8 2018 Coin Program.
  • Includes five coins in their mint-issued capsules, sealed in the original Scottsdale logo cardboard shrink-wrap packaging.
  • Contains a total of 5 troy oz of .999 fine Silver BU.
  • Very limited mintage of only 25,000!
  • Obverse: Displays a right-facing portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II framed by two evergreen laurels. Also inscribed are the weight, purity, and face value of 2 Dollars (XCD).
  • Reverse: Features a magnificent pirate ship moored a short distance off the coast. It will soon be launched into its next dangerous voyage of rum running barrels of coveted Caribbean rum!
  • Legal tender, backed by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

Scottsdale Mint

Scottsdale Mint stands tall as one of the most highly regarded and globally recognized private mints in the industry. A U.S. based company, Scottsdale made an unflinching commitment to quality consistency in every step of their business and manufacturing processes. With ISO 9001 certification, they are prepared to bring together innovation, creativity, quality, and efficiency into their finished products. Investors in precious metals demand the finest and the Scottsdale hallmark provides the name and backing for peace of mind!

Scottsdale is often envied by their peers for some of the most stunning and unique series designs in the private sector. The impeccable skill of their creative staff is clearly displayed with each new coin released. Though other mints may envy, Scottsdale customers anxiously await each release of their favorite series! Their anticipation is never disappointed.

Scottsdale Mint has also established themselves in the global market. Providing creative design and minting services to smaller nations around the world, they produce those countries’ legal tender bullion coinage.

BOLD Precious Metals is honored to be among Scottsdale’s prestigious list of Authorized Dealers, and proud to offer many of their products at some of the lowest prices available!

Product ID: 2940720180-5Coin
Year Released: 2018
Origin: Eastern Caribbean
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 5 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 5 oz
Purity: 0.999
First Strike: 1
Impaired: 1


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