2018 Silver South Africa Krugerrand – 1 oz (5 Coins)

Stunning inaugural release of Silver compliment to the renowned gold Krugerrand! Individual coins come in protective plastic flips; 25 coins come in mint-issued tube


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2018 1 oz South Africa Silver Krugerrand (5 Coins)

Following the 2017 Gold Krugerrand 50th Anniversary, the South African Mint and Rand Refinery are announcing spectacular news! For a great start to the next half-century of Krugerrand excellence, South Africa introduces the inaugural release of the silver compliment, the 2018 1 oz South Africa Silver Krugerrand. Issued by the South African Reserve Bank, this stunningly beautiful silver Krugerrand is sure to carve out strong market-share in the silver bullion coin sector. Coming from one of the most respected world-market providers of solid, investment-grade bullion this is very welcome news. The addition of this silver compliment to the South African Krugerrand legacy will allow for a much wider collector base.

Stunning Krugerrand Design Integrity

The new 2018 1 oz Silver South Africa Krugerrand maintains the design elegance of the gold. The obverse features Paul Kruger, the first president of the Republic of South Africa (1883-1900). The design was originally sourced from an 1892 portrait prepared for the Kruger years of the South Africa Pound denomination coins. The left-facing portrait depicts Kruger as he served his country with distinction as Statesman and President. The pose captures both his strong, resolute bearing, as well as his somewhat iconic beard style. Arched above the portrait are the inscriptions “SUID-AFRIKA . SOUTH AFRICA.” Tightly encircling the rim are 200 finely engraved serrations that add to the elegance of the overall design.

The reverse image was designed by Coert Steynberg (1905-1982), a renowned South African sculptor. His subject was the iconic Springbok, a medium-sized antelope, which is common in southern and southwestern Africa. This sleek animal is depicted gracefully pronking, where it leaps up to six feet in the air as it makes its way through the grasses of the dry savannah. There could not have been a more appropriate subject selected to grace the obverse of the Krugerrand than that of this beautiful animal.

The inscriptions include “KRUGERRAND” arched above the springbok, and “FYNSILWER . 1 OZ . FINE SILVER . R1” at the bottom. The release date is split on either side of the springbok. “20” to the left and “18” to the right. As with the obverse, 200 serrations tightly encircle the rim.

Krugerrand’s Story

In many ways the history of the Krugerrand is a story of firsts. The gold Krugerrand was introduced in 1967 as the first modern gold bullion coin. It was immediately received amidst much praise for its beauty, fineness, and style. The Krugerrand was also the first 1 oz gold coin produced in the world. Interestingly, the gold Krugerrand is the only legal tender government-issued bullion coin that does not declare a set face value.

The Krugerrand also continues to maintain the first position among its peers as the most recognized bullion gold coin brand world-wide. For 50 years its design has proudly displayed the powerful portrait of South Africa’s first president, Paul Kruger. The graceful, bounding springbok antelope provides an iconic South African nature scene. And, although it is not the first well-established gold coin to introduce a silver compliment, it may very well rise to become one of the best selling ones!

With this being the inaugural release of the matching silver compliment to the world-renowned gold Krugerrand, you shouldn’t delay!


  • 2018 1 oz Silver South Africa Krugerrand (5 Coins).
  • Inaugural release as the silver compliment of the gold Krugerrand.
  • Contains 1 oz .999 fine silver.
  • Face value R1 (ZAR).
  • Bright lustrous finish.
  • Obverse features distinctive portrait of Paul Kruger, Republic of South Africa’s first President.
  • Reverse displays the graceful springbok antelope, iconic to the wildlife of South Africa.
  • Issued and backed by the South African Reserve Bank.
  • Individual coins come in a protective plastic flip.
Product ID: 2865020180-5Coin
Year Released: 2018
Origin: South Africa
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 5 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 5 oz
Purity: 0.999
First Strike: 1
Signature Series: 1
Denomination: 1 Rand
Diameter: 38.7 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Impaired: 1


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