2019 Austria Mint Knights Tales Collector Album


2019 Austria Mint Knights Tales Coin Collector Album

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Knights’ Tales Collector Album

The Austrian Mint is presenting this beautiful and incredibly intriguing Knights’ Tales Collector Album in conjunction with the 825th Anniversary of the Mint, and the related Knights’ Tales collectible series of coins.

As described by the Austrian Mint:

“The Collector Album presents the Middle Ages and the world of knights through detailed illustrations and in-depth historical information.

A rigorously researched, historically accurate and visually enthralling guide to both the darkness and the light of the Middle Ages, the Album looks at everyday life, childhood and youth during the Middle Ages.

It also explains the medieval monetary system, the Crusades, the importance of castles and fortresses, and the concept of chivalry. The battle skills of knights are also explained, as are songs and ballads that were popular at the time, not to mention the link between Robin Hood and the huge ransom paid for the release of King Richard ‘The Lionheart’ of England in 1194.”

A Brilliant Work of Art & History

This is not only an absolutely stunning and interesting volume, it also serves as a presentation album that provides spaces to add the full suite of associated coins (coins purchased separately). This includes spaces for displaying the 825th Anniversary Austrian Mint 1 oz Silver 3-coin Series and the 5-coin Knights’ Tales 15 gram Copper coin editions. By completing this collection as each coin becomes available, you will have created a brilliant, heirloom-grade presentation album that will impress and intrigue for generations to come!

BOLD Precious Metals gives this Knights’ Tales Collector Album and the associated coin series our highest recommendation! This is truly a stunning presentation of one of the most intriguing periods of World history. We have limited inventory, and so encourage you to purchase soon.Please note: The Collector Album is produced entirely in the German language.


  • Knights’ Tales Collector Album.
  • Beautiful Presentation Album published in association with the 825th Anniversary of the Austrian Mint.
  • Historically accurate and visually enthralling guide to the Middle Ages.
  • Entire Collector Album produced in German language.
  • Serves both as a beautiful, intriguing volume and a presentation Album for two associated coin series.
  • Display spaces provided for 825th Austrian Mint anniversary 1 oz Silver 3-coin series and the 15 g Copper Knights’ Tales editions.
  • Coin series must be purchased separately.
  • Limited inventory available.
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