2019 Australian Shipwrecks Batavia Triangular Silver Coin – 1 oz

1 oz .999 fine silver. First release in the series, limited to 20,000 minted. Comes in a special triangular capsule. The first triangular-shaped bullion coin in the world! Quantities of 25 will come in mint-sealed sheets.


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2019 1 oz Australian Shipwrecks Batavia Triangular Silver

With this 2019 1 oz Australian Shipwrecks Batavia Triangular Silver BU coin edition, the Royal Australian Mint launches this limited mintage, 4-coin Triangular Australian Shipwreck series. This triangular-shaped coin is the first ever to be struck in bullion. And the theme of this exciting series is absolutely perfect to showcase its stunning designs within the highly unique shape!

Favorable Seas ‑ Treacherous End

The Batavia launched with the fanfare of the ship’s maiden voyage. This bright scene is captured on the rather unusual reverse design. Looking at the coin with the ship having set sail, heavy with silver coins and jewels, expectations for a favorable voyage are high. However, the banner inscriptions are displayed upside down. Although quite unusual at first glance, this is a truly remarkable design and every bit as unique as the coin’s shape.

The favorable seas that are displayed while the ship is at the top, are quickly reversed to disaster as you rotate the coin to view the inscriptions at the top. Now, you see the Batavia fully submerged after having struck a reef and capsizing. This 2019 1 oz Australian Shipwrecks Batavia Triangular Silver BU coin is beautifully crafted, finely detailed, and features a highly imaginative design! The decorative elements integrated into the border were actually from the ship. Inscriptions include ” BATAVIA, ” the date of the shipwreck (1629), and “1 oz .999 Ag.”

The obverse displays the terrible scene as it unfolded during the days that followed the shipwreck. The mutiny erupted into fierce fighting among the survivors. The wrecked Batavia is shown in the background, prior to its final capsizing. At the top point of the border, a circular inset displays the 6th generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II to be displayed on Australian coins, produced by Jody Clark in 2019. Inscriptions include, “ELIZABETH II . AUSTRALIA 2019.” At the bottom of the design is displayed the face value of “ONE DOLLAR”


  • 2019 1 oz Australian Shipwrecks Batavia Triangular Silver.
  • Inaugural release of 4-coin Australian Shipwrecks series.
  • First ever triangular-shaped coin struck in bullion.
  • Very limited mintage of only 20,000 worldwide.
  • Unique reverse design depicts both the favorable beginning and the disastrous ending of the maiden voyage of The Batavia.
  • The obverse displays the deadly fighting of the mutinous survivors of the shipwreck.
  • Individual coins come in specially designed triangular capsule.

Story of the Batavia

As presented by the mint: In 1628, The Batavia set sail on her maiden voyage to the East Indies carrying a wealth of silver coins and jewels. Disaster struck on the 4th of June 1629 when the ship struck a reef in the Houtman Abrolhos off the coast of Western Australia. The ensuing chaos of the shipwreck resulted in a number of deaths from drowning with the remaining survivors scrambling to shore of the nearby islands.

Luck was short-lived as the remoteness of the islands and lack of resources resulted in the Ship’s Commander Francisco Pelsaert setting sail for Batavia in search of help and supplies to ensure survival. Jeronimus Cornelisz was left in charge of the survivors and what happened after transpired into one of the darkest chapters in Australia’s maritime history.

Cornelisz’ plans of pillaging the treasures of the Batavia led to Mutiny. When the shipwreck became unsalvageable, a new plan to hijack the rescue ship for their own gains resulted in a new devious plan. To reduce opposition to his scheme, he sent countless of survivors out to perish on boats with the guise of looking for water or for other errands with some even being murdered by his own accomplices whilst out at sea.

A group of men seemingly sent to perish led by WIebbe Hayes were fortunate enough to find water and upon hearing of the massacre devised a plan to overcome Cornelisz and his tyranny. With Cornelisz defeated and with the return of help from the Ship’s original commander Pelsaert, the remaining survivors headed to Batavia to bring a close to a tragedy which claimed the lives of the majority of those originally onboard.

Product ID: 2550120190
Year Released: 2019
Origin: Royal Australian Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 1 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.9999
First Strike: 1
Signature Series: 1
Denomination: 1 Dollar
Impaired: 1


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    2019 Australian Shpwrecks Batavia Triangular Silver Coin - 1 oz

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