2019 Silver 2 oz Australia Next Generation Crocodile Piedfort

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2 oz .9999 fine silver. 75,000 Limited mintage! This is the second release of the Next Generation series. It features a mother and baby Crocodile. Purchases of 10 coins will come in a mint-issued tube.


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2019 Silver 2 oz Australia Perth Next Generation Crocodile Piedfort

New for 2019, Perth Mint is pleased to announce the second edition of their wonderful Next Generation Piedfort series. The inaugural 2018 release of the mother Koala and her young joey was an astounding success! For the series format Perth reached all the way back to the Middle Ages of France and Great Britain for fresh inspiration. The Next Generation series is minted in the ancient “heavy-foot” style, known as piedfort. Those were the days when smaller diameter double-weight’s were popular. It is clear from the launch of this outstanding new series that piedfort will soon become popular once again. And this second edition release of the 2019 Silver 2 oz Australia Perth Next Generation Crocodile Piedfort is certain to be well-received!

As unique as this double-weight coin’s style is, the real focus should shine on the theme of the series. The Next Generation is a wonderful celebration of life in the wild extending across generations. Each coin design in the series will display a poignant scene of a mother and child representation of Australian Outback wildlife. This second release features the feared saltwater crocodile, one of the largest croc species, and of course, considered extremely dangerous. In the wild, and under normal conditions, they have a lifespan of 65+ years. Females are significantly smaller than their male counterparts, but every bit as aggressive when hunting and sensing imminent danger. This is especially true when mothers are tending their young!

A Ferocious Tenderness

New for 2019, the obverse introduces the 6th generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II to be displayed on Australian coins. The new portrait is based on that designed by Jody Clark of the Royal Mint for 2016. It is distinctively different, however, in that it displays the Queen’s shoulders and full neckline. The band at the rim includes the inscriptions, “ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA” at the top, and “2 oz 9999 Ag . 2019 . 2 DOLLARS” at the bottom.

The reverse features an extremely close-up side view of the mother crocodile’s partially submerged head. Her eyes and ears are on high alert to anything that might present danger. The surface of the water is tranquil as the mother glides along. One of her young is shown enjoying a ride upon her head, clinging tightly. If crocodile facial expressions reflect their actual feelings, this youngster is immensely enjoying the ride!

Extensive research in the wild has demonstrated that there exists a strong connection between a mother crocodile and her young. She is extremely protective of them, and actually demonstrates verbal communication. The young make a sound that the mother can hear at a considerable distance, to which she immediately responds. She can also produce a sound which calls her young to group to her side. Even so, the mortality rate is extremely high for the very young, with an estimated survival rate of only 1%.

At first it may seem somewhat awkward to consider this mother and child scene as poignant. However, the more you learn about the highly responsive connection and close interaction between the mother and her newborn and growing young, you can truly sense the wonder of life, and the beauty of maternity even among the fiercest of animals in the wild. The hope that is bound-up in the Next Generation is represented with both detail and tenderness in the scene presented.

The background is completed by the very fine, precision-engraved radial lines emanating from the coin’s center to the rim. These also serve as an anti-counterfeiting security feature. The traditional “P” Perth Mint mark is at the far right at the center at the rim.

This second edition release of the new Perth Mint series The Next Generation 2 oz, double-thick piedfort style coin is your opportunity to advance your collection. However, with a limited mintage of only 75,000 for worldwide distribution, we suggest you act quickly!


  • 2019 Silver 2 oz Australia Perth Next Generation Crocodile Piedfort.
  • Second annual release of the stunning Next Generation Piedfort series.
  • Limited mintage of a maximum of 75,000!
  • Includes anti-counterfeiting security features.
  • Contains 2 oz of .9999 pure silver.
  • Obverse: New for 2019, the obverse features a lovely new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that includes her shoulders and neckline, based on Jody Clark’s 2016 5th official effigy. Also included is the coin’s 2 oz weight and 9999 purity, release date of 2019, and the (AU) 2 Dollar face value.
  • Reverse: Displays a wonderful water scene depicting a mother crocodile and one of her her young clinging to her back.
  • Sovereign coin backed by the Australian government.
Product ID: 2523520190
Year Released: 2019
Origin: Perth Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 2 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 2 oz
Purity: 0.9999
First Strike: 1
Signature Series: 1
Denomination: 2 Dollars
Mint Mark: P
Diameter: 40.6 mm
Thickness: 6.42 mm
Impaired: 1


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    Laura (verified owner)

    2019 silver 2 oz Austrialia Next Generation Crocodile Piedfort

    Very pretty coin. Realistic detailing. Nice addition to my collection. Little croc seems to be enjoying his ride.

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    Kyle (verified owner)

    Quality coin

    Very solid Perth Mint product as usual. Beautiful matte finish and a great depiction of the Saltwater Crocodile and baby croc. I highly recommend this series as it's unique and very reasonably priced.

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