2019 Silver 2 oz Scottsdale Biblical Series – Firstborn Slain

2 oz .999 fine silver. Purchase of coin includes a custom Bible display box and certificate of authenticity.


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2019 2 oz Silver Biblical Series Firstborn Slain

Scottsdale Mint undertook this phenomenal 10-year project in 2015 issuing multiple releases each year. This 2019 2 oz Silver Biblical Series Firstborn Slain release is the 27th in the series. This edition is the third of the six scheduled 2019 releases.

Whether you are collecting the entire Biblical Series, or choosing only your favorite themes, this 2019 Firstborn Slain is most certainly one that will powerfully distinguish your growing collection.

Inspiration for the Biblical Series

Born in Strasbourg, France in 1832, Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré, almost immediately demonstrated advanced giftedness as an artist. By age 15, he was well on his way to a lifelong career as an illustrator, printmaker, and sculptor. His chosen medium was wood engraving, although his paintings brought high acclaim during his life, and continue to this day. Among his most well-known and celebrated works are his 241 wood engravings of many of the key events recorded in the Bible (1866).

The inspiration of Scottsdale Mint’s Biblical coins series designs is drawn directly from Gustave Doré’s Bible engravings. Scottsdale’s creative team did not seek merely to copy Doré’s originals to the coins. Rather, remaining true to the originals, they transformed each scene into the new medium of high-relief, antique-finish, silver coinage. Their work is nothing short of breathtaking! This 2019 2 oz Silver Biblical Series Firstborn Slain is an amazing example.

Follow this link to view plates of the entire set of 241 Bible illustrations engraved by Gustave Doré. You will be astounded!

Gustave Doré’s illustrations for La Grande Bible de Tours…but, don’t forget to order your coins first!

And that night at midnight…

The theme of the coin is based upon the Biblical account as recorded in Exodus 12:29-30. (NCV): “And that night at midnight, the LORD struck down all the firstborn sons in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sat on his throne, to the firstborn son of the prisoner in the dungeon. Even the firstborn of their livestock were killed. Pharaoh and all his officials woke up during the night, and loud wailing was heard throughout the land of Egypt. There was not a single house where someone had not died.”

The Scene Illustrated

The obverse is common to the series. It displays in high-relief, antiqued finish the Raphael Maklouf likeness of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with inscriptions at the rim “QUEEN ELIZABETH II . NIUE TWO DOLLARS . 2 oz 999 FINE SILVER . 2019.”

The reverse features, also in high-relief antiqued finish, a depiction of the illustration by Gustave Doré, “Firstborn Slain” (Plate 35). This illustration sought to show the dire effects of the final hardening of Pharaoh’s heart against the Lord God and His people Israel. One by one, each and every Egyptian household succumbed to the judgement, through the slaying of their firstborn, including Pharaoh’s.

This is illustrated as an Angel of God descending the dark steps of one such household, with the sword of judgement in his hand. Doré’s illustration of the theme is magnificent, yet dark and filled with the personal anguish of those who would not believe the word of the Lord. The team of artisans and technicians, directed by master sculptor D’Almeida Novissimo, has once again captured not only the detail of the original Doré, but the very soul of the artist’s work. You will not be disappointed in this fine piece.


  • 2019 2 oz Silver Biblical Series Firstborn Slain.
  • The 3rd release for 2019 of Scottsdale’s Biblical Series.
  • Contains 2 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Struck in an incredibly stunning rimless, high-relief antique finish.
  • Each 2 oz coin is packaged in a gift box patterned after a Bible.
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity printed on an antiqued style paper with the Biblical text.
  • Edge: Laser-etched serial number, from 1 to 1499, which matches the serial number found on the included certificate of authenticity.

Scottsdale Mint

Scottsdale Mint stands tall as one of the most highly regarded and globally recognized private mints in the industry. A U.S. based company, Scottsdale made an unflinching commitment to quality consistency in every step of their business and manufacturing processes. With ISO 9001 certification, they are prepared to bring together innovation, creativity, quality, and efficiency into their finished products. Investors in precious metals demand the finest and the Scottsdale hallmark provides the name and backing for peace of mind!

Scottsdale is often envied by their peers for some of the most stunning and unique series designs in the private sector. The impeccable skill of their creative staff is clearly displayed with each new coin released. Though other mints may envy, Scottsdale customers anxiously await each release of their favorite series! Their anticipation is never disappointed.

Scottsdale Mint has also established themselves in the global market. Providing creative design and minting services to smaller nations around the world, they produce those countries’ legal tender bullion coinage.

BOLD Precious Metals is honored to be among Scottsdale’s prestigious list of Authorized Dealers, and proud to offer many of their products at some of the lowest prices available!

Product ID: 295022019
Year Released: 2019
Origin: Scottsdale Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 2 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 2 oz
Purity: 0.999
First Strike: 1
Signature Series: 1
Denomination: 2 Dollars
Diameter: 39 mm
Thickness: 7 mm
Impaired: 1


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