2019 Silver Austria 825th Anniversary Robin Hood Golden Ring

1 oz .999 fine silver. Golden Ring series ennobled with yellow gold and ruthenium. Comes in a mint-sealed quadrum capsule with serial numbered COA. Extremely limited mintage of only 500!


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2019 Austria 1 oz Silver Robin Hood ‑ Golden Ring

This brand new, limited production, highly-collectible numismatic offering of the remarkably stunning 2019 Austria 1 oz Silver Robin Hood ‑ Golden Ring ennobled coin will definitely take you by surprise! It is simply amazing how the enrichment of the two contrasting precious metal finishes, yellow-gold and ruthenium, brings out the rich detail of the original coin’s striking design elements.

The concept of limited production, ennobled numismatic bullion offerings is far from a passing novelty. New ennobled singles and series are regularly being released to an eager and ever-growing base.

Precious Metals Ennobling

The application of the two precious metals, yellow-gold and ruthenium to the original 2019 Austria 1 oz Silver Robin Hood BU coin greatly enhances the striking beauty of the coin’s design for added collectible numismatic appeal. The obverse features Leopold V’s equestrian seal, transformed into a brilliant yellow-gold against the darkened ruthenium-plated background.

The reverse features a stunning depiction of the legendary Robin Hood, with bow drawn, ready to release two arrows. The setting of the scene is among the leaves and vines of the forest, which have been transformed into shimmering yellow-gold against the darkened background of ruthenium plating.

Robin is shown in the leather-laced clothing of the period, draped in a hood. His clothing has been darkened by the addition of the ruthenium plating. His expression is highly detailed to display his full attention fixed on his intended target. Adding to the contrast of the darkness of the overall scene, Robin Hood’s forearms and face also reflect the yellow-gold hue of the noble plating. Additional arrows fill the leather quiver on his back. The application of the golden ring on the rim is a perfectly added final touch. The entire scene is remarkably well designed to display the full commitment and steady determination of which Robin Hood is so well known!

This magnificent 2019 Austria 1 oz Silver Robin Hood ‑ Golden Ring is absolutely a must-have! The distinctive two-color ennoblement will be a truly stunning addition to your collection. Also, considering the very limited production of only 500 produced for worldwide distribution, you would do well not to delay!


  • 2019 Austria 1 oz Silver Robin Hood ‑ Golden Ring.
  • Remarkable ennoblement of two contrasting color precious metal finishes of yellow-gold and ruthenium added to both obverse and reverse.
  • Offered as a specially ennobled, highly-collectible numismatic coin.
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Housed in a special quadrum capsule and includes serialized COA.
  • Very limited production of only 500 for world-wide distribution.
Product ID: 2850020198
Year Released: 2019
Origin: Austrian Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 1 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.999
Denomination: 1.5 Euro
Diameter: 37 mm
Thickness: 3.2 mm


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