2019 Silver Germania The Warriors “Berserk” High Relief – 2 oz

2 oz .9999 fine silver with antiqued high relief finish and selective gold plating. Innagural release, only 499 minted world-wide! Each round comes encapsulated in a luxury wooden display box and numbered COA.


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2019 2 oz Silver Germania Warriors Berserk

New for 2019, Germania Mint introduces The Warriors series. The first edition of this incredibly powerful offering features Berserk. The series is based upon the ancient Germanic warriors, the stories of which both European history and legend abound. The Warrior series of Germania Mint is certain to depict a sense of the fierce savagery of these ancient warriors, as well as their humanity as they lived as families in simple tribal communities. This promises to be a truly remarkable series, as the first offering of this 2019 2 oz Silver Germania Warriors Berserk masterfully establishes!


The warrior Berserk in battle is aptly described by the mint, ” Berserk is known for his mad courage and great strength, the invincible Odin’s protege. His most terrifying attribute was a battle frenzy, in which he entered before the battle with the use of alcohol or hallucinogenic mushrooms. During this rampage the warrior drank human blood, screaming like a wild beast, bit his shield and his mouth was blowing foam. In the wild fury he was convinced that he was resistant to steel and fire and that nothing could hurt him.

In battle Berserk attacked everything he encountered without distinguishing between a friend and an opponent, wreaking havoc upon the ranks of the enemy. He approached for battle without armor, wearing only a skin of a bear, a wolf or a wild boar. On the one hand, it emphasized his wild nature, and on the other hand, he helped his allies to keep their distance when he was in a fury.”

However, to see him depicted in the context of his simple tribal village of hand-hewn wooden houses and fenced yards, it becomes clear that he was yet a man. Once the wild fury of battle had subsided, the warrior returns to his home.

Exceptional Detail

Every aspect of the antiqued, high-relief design displayed on this inaugural edition, 2019 2 oz Silver Germania Warriors Berserk is outstanding! The obverse features a battle axe with selective gold plating that matches that which is grasped by Berserk on the reverse image. The axe head is also embellished with a Gaelic-style knot design. The tip of the high-relief curved blade extends to the very rim, as does the decorated wooden handle.

To the right of the axe is the Bicephalous Eagle, an image of a two-headed eagle that reaches deep into ancient history. As noted by the mint, “The two-headed eagle is a symbol appearing in Roman mythology associated with Janus ‑ the god of all origins, guardian of doors, gates, passages and bridges, the patron of allied agreements and arrangements. Heads facing the opposite symbolize the past and the future. The lightning bolts held in the claws of an eagle are a divine attribute, symbolizing strength and the power of creation and destruction.”

The background is textured, with a beaded border at the rim along with a second braided border. Between the two is a band of alternating triangle-shaped Gaelic knot designs encircling the rim. Within the triangles at the top rim are very small circles, each containing a single letter, spelling “GERMANIA MAGNA.” Inscriptions include “GERMANIA 2019 10 MARK 2 oz Ag 999.9.”

Battle Ready!

The reverse features Berserk standing in front of the tribal community setting, battle ready, wearing a bear’s head as his headdress and draped in the attached bear skin. His full beard is loosely braided, covering most of his massive, muscular, battle-scarred chest. And then there is the second pair of eyes integrated into the headdress, positioned just above his forehead. It is no wonder those unfortunate enough to encounter Berserk in battle believed him to be a wild beast!

His battle axe is resting on his shoulder. Behind him displays somewhat of an unexpected peaceful view of what must be his tribal homestead concealed by the forest. Accenting the overall scene is the selective gold plating of the battle axe and several large winged insects resting in Berserk’s beard. The single inscription, ” BERSERK ” is at the top right rim.

This inaugural high-relief, antiqued release of The Warriors series of Germania Mint far exceeds our high expectations. With an extremely limited mintage of only 499 for worldwide distribution, you will need to be quick!


  • 2019 2 oz Silver Germania Warriors Berserk.
  • Inaugural release of The Warriors series.
  • Extremely limited mintage of only 499.
  • Struck in high-relief, masterfully antiqued, and highlighted with selective gold plating.
  • Obverse: Displays a battle axe with selective gold plating and the image of the magnificent Bicephalous Eagle. Inscriptions include ” GERMANIA 2019 10 MARK 2 oz Ag 999.9.”
  • Reverse: Features the warrior Berserk fully readied for battle, with a bear’s head as his headdress and its attached fur draping his shoulders and back. His battle axe rests upon his shoulder as he awaits the darkness of the approaching night. The single inscription, ” BERSERK ” is displayed at the top right.
  • Produced by Germania Mint.
  • Packaging: Includes an attractive wooden storage box bearing Germania Mint’s golden hallmark.
  • Silver Round Medallion ‑ not legal tender.

The Warriors of Germania Mint

As noted by the mint, “Germanic warriors ‑ ancient commandos.” Each land has its own legends and in them stories about its darkest warriors. Germania was no exception. Among the nomadic people inhabiting Germania lived one of the most effective and at the same time the cruelest fighters in the history of Europe.

In the first century, the Roman historian Tacitus described them as ghostly fighters in the service of god Odin. Using black shields, painting their bodies and attacking as a ” dark army ” at night, they spread terror among their opponents. The Germania warriors were characterized by above-average strength, which surpassed their enemies. They were faithful to their innate savagery and belligerent instincts, choosing dark nights and the cruelest weapons. A shadow of the ghostly army was causing panic, because no enemy could bear the sight of such unexpected and infernal.

Living in simple tribal structures were characterized by traditional principles and hierarchy, following natural leaders, while maintaining independence as a community. The Germanic warriors had a fierce reputation, considered almost barbaric on the battlefield. It was well deserved, because they fought with passion, honesty and a bit of war tactics.”

Product ID: 2842020191
Year Released: 2019
Origin: Germania Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 2 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 2 oz
Purity: 0.9999
First Strike: 1
Signature Series: 1
Denomination: 10 Mark
Diameter: 45 mm
Impaired: 1


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