2019 Space Blue American Silver Eagle – 1 oz

1 oz .999 fine silver. Revolutionary Galvanic enobling in Space Blue. Comes in a mint-sealed square capsule with serial numbered COA. Extremely limited mintage of only 500!


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2019 American Silver Eagle 1 oz Space Blue

This brand new offering of a remarkably stunning, 2019 American Silver Eagle 1 oz Space Blue galvanic-plated BU coin will surprise you with how it brings out the detail of the coin’s iconic design elements.

It is also one of a 2019 8-coin Space Blue set that will include 2019 1 oz American Silver Eagle, Silver Britannia, Maple Leaf, Koala, Panda (30g), Kangaroo, Kookaburra, and Philharmonic. With an extremely limited mintage of only 500 of each coin edition for world-wide distribution, plus the inclusion of a special capsule and a serialized Certificate of Authenticity, we recommend that you act quickly!

Galvanic Plated Coating

The Space Blue coating on this American Silver Eagle BU coin greatly enhances the iconic beauty of the coin’s design. The color does not conceal any aspect of the design, as the special galvanic-plating process results in a transparent color surface that allows every detail of the coin to shine through, including the underlying mirror surface. The resulting effect produces a truly unique presentation of the iconic American Silver Eagle! You might find it interesting to know that the same talent that produced the highly-acclaimed Germania Space Blue silver round also was enlisted for this series.

The American Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle is the single most popular bullion coin in the world! Likewise, American Silver Eagles are highly valued as a secure and solid investment. Bullion collectors and investors across the globe prize American Eagles. This value is recognized not only for their stability even in unstable times, but also for their beauty. Of course, their beauty is even more appreciated when you closely consider the history and story the design represents. The 2019 American Silver Eagle 1 oz BU coin will certainly add significant value to your silver holdings!

Lady Liberty ‑ Graceful, Proud, Strong

Recognized worldwide as one of the most stunning designs in bullion coins, Lady Liberty gracefully, yet proudly represents freedom. She steps into a bright future, draped with a flowing U.S. flag. Looking toward the rising sun, she recalls that this freedom was won at a great cost. In her left arm she cradles branches of oak and laurel. These symbolize the glory of her people, their strength, and unstoppable resolve. Lady Liberty also extends her right hand in peace unto the Nations of the world.

The Eagle ‑ Heraldic, Assured

John Mercanti, the twelfth Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, designed the reverse image in 1986 for the inaugural release. Although similar to the Great Seal of the United States, Mercanti applied his own unique touch. A heraldic eagle with its wings fully outstretched is featured. Also, a striped shield is emblazoned upon its breast.

The eagle clutches an olive branch in its right talon, symbolizing peace. Also, in its left talon, it grasps a group of arrows. These represent the costly struggle, which was necessary to establish that peace. The arrows remain firmly clutched to assure that this peace continues to flourish. Thirteen stars arranged above the eagle reflect upon the strong, enduring commitment of the original union of colonies. This is also reflected in the banner held in its sharp beak, distinctively declaring, E Pluribus Unum,” (Out of Many, One). The American Silver Eagle – A Story for Every Generation.

BOLD Thoughts:The American Silver Eagle ‑ A Story for Every Generation!


  • 2019 American Silver Eagle 1 oz Space Blue.
  • Special Space Blue galvanic plating added to both obverse and reverse.
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver in BU condition.
  • Housed in a special capsule and includes serialized COA.
  • Limited mintage of only 500 world-wide distribution.
  • Obverse: Adolph A. Weinman’s design showing Lady Liberty draped in an American flag, walking gracefully as the sun rises over a ridge. Stunning Space Blue galvanic plating applied.
  • Reverse: A heraldic eagle is shown below 13 small stars, representing the original colonies. Stunning Space Blue galvanic plating applied.


When first released in 1986, the American Silver Eagle was the only official U.S. investment-grade silver bullion coin. Additionally, the American Silver Eagle was also the only 1 oz silver bullion coin with weight, content, and purity guaranteed by the United States government. The American Silver Eagle quickly soared in popularity worldwide from its very beginning. Across the globe, investors in official government-issued investment grade silver bullion coins continue to choose the American Eagle first. This remarkably striking coin is also a must-have among collectors of fine silver coins.

The obverse of the Silver Eagle coins depicts the Walking Liberty design created by Adolph A. Weinman. This was previously displayed on the Half Dollar coins issued from 1916 to 1947. This Walking Liberty image on the Silver Eagle coin is one of the most cherished and well-known designs ever to grace U.S. silver coins. The reverse of the American Silver Eagle coins is just as impressive as the obverse, featuring an American eagle, the very symbol of our nation’s freedom, patriotism and national pride.

Product ID: 2400120191
Year Released: 2019
Origin: United States Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 1 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.999
First Strike: 1
Signature Series: 1
Denomination: 1 Dollar
Diameter: 40.6 mm
Thickness: 2.98 mm
Impaired: 1


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