2020 Australia Shipwrecks Zuytdorp Triangular Silver 1 oz

1 oz .999 fine silver. Third release in the series, limited to 20,000 minted. Comes in a special triangular capsule. The first triangular-shaped bullion coin series in the world! Quantities of 10 will come in mint-sealed rolls.


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2020 1 oz Silver Triangular Australian Shipwrecks Zuytdorp

The Royal Australian Mint launched this limited mintage, 4-coin Triangular Australian Shipwreck series with the highly acclaimed inaugural release of the 2019 Batavia edition. This is the first ever triangular-shaped coin series struck in bullion. And the theme of this exciting series is absolutely perfect to showcase its stunning designs within the highly unique shape! Issued in 1 oz .999 fine silver and .9999 gold, both metal editions quickly caught the global attention of collectors and investors alike, resulting in a highly successful launch of the first two releases. The magnificent design and production excellence continues with this third release, 2020 1 oz Silver Triangular Australian Shipwrecks Zuytdorp coin.

Favorable Seas ‑ Mysterious End

The Zuytdorp launched for her third voyage with high expectations. This bright scene is captured on the rather unusual reverse design. Looking at the coin with the ship having set sail, expectations for a favorable voyage are high. However, the banner inscriptions are displayed upside down. Although quite unusual at first glance, this is a truly remarkable design and every bit as unique as the coin’s shape. Not until you rotate the coin to rightly display the banner will you see that, unfortunately for all aboard, the voyage ended in disaster, clouded in mystery.


  • 2020 1 oz Silver Triangular Australian Shipwrecks Zuytdorp.
  • Third release of 4-coin Australian Shipwrecks series.
  • First ever triangular-shaped coin series struck in bullion.
  • Very limited mintage of only 20,000 worldwide.
  • Contains 1 Troy oz .999 fine silver.
  • The obverse displays scenes from the dramatic story as it unfolded, resulting in the Zuytdorp succumbing to her dreadful fate. Also included is the distinctive effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark. Inscriptions include “ELIZABETH II . AUSTRALIA . 2020 . ONE DOLLAR.”
  • Unique reverse design depicts both the favorable beginning and the disastrous fate of the Zuytdorp, depending on how you orient the coin.
  • Individual coins come in specially designed triangular capsule. Multiples of 10 come in sealed rolls.

Story of the Zuytdorp

As presented by the mint:

“In 1711, Dutch East India Company trading ship, the Zuytdorp (meaning ‘South Village’), set out from the Netherlands for Batavia on what was to be its third and final voyage. Onboard were more than 200 men and precious cargo comprising 250,000 silver coins.

After nearly seven months at sea with scurvy claiming the lives of many men, the Zuytdorp continued its journey from the Cape of Good Hope via the Indian Ocean. Zuytdorp never arrived at Batavia and with no knowledge of where it may have sunk or whether it had been taken by pirates, no search was ever made.

The wreck was found more than 200 years later off the coast of Western Australia along a stretch now known as the Zuytdorp Cliffs. Divers of the wreck have reported a ‘Carpet of Silver’ – the result of thousands of silver coins strewn along the ocean floor. These coins inscribed with ‘Zeeland’ and ‘1711’ helped identify the wreck as the ill-fated Zuytdorp, which still abounds in mystery today.”

Product ID: 2550120201
Year Released: 2020
Origin: Royal Australian Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 1 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.999
Denomination: 1 Dollar


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    Leon (verified owner)

    2020 Australia Shipwrecks Zuytdorp Triangular Silver 1 oz

    I can't believe how fast I received my order . I really appreciate the triangle design it's not something you see everyday . I'm a bit disappointed in my self while inspecting the Zuytdorp I noticed what I thought was a stress fracture that looks like the Amazon smile on there packing boxes . I was not looking forward too writing Bold & let them know what I found . Then I started scoping out the other two I own . Aww says the blind man it's part of the capsule design so you can take the coin out if you wanted to . I can't believe that I didn't see them upon my initial inspections . These coins are definitely proof like . While looking @ the coin with my flashlight a couple times the light was reflected back on to my eyes & it was very bright . You can use these coins as a emergency signal devise . I'm really looking forward to purchasing the 4th and final coin in the series . I hope everyone has a blessed & healthy day ! Peace , Love & Happiness ! Leon The Old Hippie Tucker

  2. User Logo

    Laura (verified owner)

    2020 Aussie Shipwrecks Zuytdorp Triangular Silver 1 ozr

    Another uniquely shaped silver coin with very nice silver luster. Very fine intricate detailing all crowded onto one little coin. Quite a feat. Looking forward to purchasing the last coin in the series.

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