2020 Australia Shipwrecks Vergulde Draeck 1 oz Silver Antiqued

1 oz .999 fine silver. The second antiqued release in the series, limited to 1,000 produced. Comes in a special triangular capsule.


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2020 RAM Shipwreck Vergulde Draeck 1oz Silver Antiqued

The Royal Australian Mint launched this limited mintage, 4-coin Triangular Australian Shipwreck series with the highly acclaimed inaugural release of the 2019 Batavia edition. This is the first ever triangular-shaped coin series struck in bullion. And the theme of this exciting series is absolutely perfect to showcase its stunning designs within the highly unique shape! With the addition of this edition’s antiqued silver finish, the results truly enhance the historic theme of the series.

Issued in 1 oz .999 fine silver and .9999 fine gold, both metal editions quickly caught the global attention of collectors and investors alike, resulting in a highly successful the maiden launch. The magnificent design and production excellence of this new, limited mintage 2020 RAM Shipwreck Vergulde Draeck 1oz Silver Antiqued edition will certainly please those who quickly climb aboard!

Favorable Seas – Dreadful Fate

The obverse displays the terrible scene as it unfolded, resulting in the Vergulde Draeck succumbing to her dreadful fate. The superb application of the antiquing brings forth every fine detail of the design. The wrecked ship is shown in the background, prior to its final capsizing. The active scene continues as it depicts the crew escaping alive in the single lifeboat. And finally, as the wreckage was discovered and some of the lost cargo was retrieved over 300 years later. At the top point of the border, a circular inset displays the 6th generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II to be displayed on Australian coins, produced by Jody Clark in 2019. Inscriptions include, “ELIZABETH II . AUSTRALIA 2020.” At the bottom of the design is displayed the face value of “ONE DOLLAR.” A decorative border frames the scene.

The reverse features the VOC Vergulde Draeck in all of her glory upon fair seas. The ship is surrounded with regal, maritime ornaments common to the period. However, the banner inscriptions are displayed upside down. Although quite unusual at first glance, this is a truly remarkable design and every bit as unique as the coin’s shape. Again, the antiquing has greatly contributed to the design’s detail.

The favorable seas that are displayed while the ship is at the top, are quickly reversed to disaster as you rotate the coin to view the inscriptions at the top. Now, you see the Vergulde Draeck fully submerged after having struck a reef and capsizing. This 2020 RAM Shipwreck Vergulde Draeck 1oz Silver Antiqued edition is beautifully crafted, finely detailed, and features a highly imaginative design! Inscriptions include ” VERGULDE DRAECK ” the date of the shipwreck (1656), and “1 oz .999 Ag.”


  • 2020 RAM Shipwreck Vergulde Draeck 1oz Silver Antiqued.
  • Second release of 4-coin Australian Shipwrecks series.
  • First ever triangular-shaped coin series struck in bullion.
  • Extremely limited mintage of only 1,000 worldwide.
  • Contains 1 Troy oz .999 fine silver antiqued.
  • The obverse displays the terrible scene as it unfolded, resulting in the Vergulde Draeck succumbing to her dreadful fate.
  • Unique reverse design depicts both the favorable beginning and the disastrous fate of the Vergulde Draeck.
  • Individual coins come in specially designed triangular capsule. Multiples of 10 come in sealed rolls, not sheets as previously.

Story of the Vergulde Draeck

As presented by the mint:

On the morning of 28 April 1656, a VOC ship called the Vergulde Draeck, travelling towards Batavia (now Jakarta) with a load of trade goods, coins, cargo, passengers and crew, struck an uncharted reef off the coast of Western Australia. The reef gutted the ship and only 75 of the crew survived, along with a small quantity of provisions and a single boat.

The under steersman, Abraham Leeman, took the boat and six crew on an astonishing and grueling journey to Batavia and reported the wreck. Several attempts were made to rescue the survivors, but they were never located. The wreck of the Vergulde Draeck was discovered in 1963 and was excavated in 1972. Some 19,000 coins were recovered, mainly Spanish reals and some Japanese silver coins. The mystery of what became of the survivors of the Vergulde Draeck has never been answered. This was one of the most enigmatic episodes of Australia’s maritime history.

Product ID: 2550120200A
Year Released: 2020
Origin: Royal Australian Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 1 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.999
Denomination: 1 Dollar


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