2020 Silver 1 oz Australia Perth Guardian Lions (Double Pixiu) BU

1 oz .9999 fine silver. Limited mintage of 50,000. Each coin comes in a protective mint-issued plastic capsule. Multiples of 20 coins come in mint-sealed rolls while mutiples of 100 come in mint-strapped boxes.


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2020 1 oz Silver Australia Guardian Lions (Double Pixiu) BU

BOLD is very pleased to present this brand new 2020 1 oz Silver Australia Guardian Lions (Double Pixiu) BU coin release from The Perth Mint. Featuring a pair of Pixiu, an ancient Chinese symbol of fortune, wealth, and happiness, the Pixiu have traditionally been presented in pairs. They are mythical creatures with the head of a fierce dragon and the body of a lion. Tradition goes on to explain that the Pixiu crave silver, gold and fine jewels, from which they derive the power to draw wealth from every direction.

Wealthy Beyond Belief

As a legal tender offering of Australia, the obverse displays the 6th generation effigy of Queen Elizabeth II to be displayed on Australian coins, designed by Jody Clark. Inscriptions at the rim include, “ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA” at the top, and “1oz 9999 Ag . 2020 . 1 DOLLAR” at the bottom.

The reverse features the pair of Pixiu seated upon a large pile of Chinese coins. The pair are positioned facing each other, although at an angle. Their heads do indeed display the fierceness of dragons, and curiously, also bear the mane of a lion. Each display the powerful muscular body of a lion. Upon their broad chests is shown a decorated garter with globe-shaped bangles hanging. The Pixiu on the left grasps a ball in its claw, while the other holds forth a small Pixiu cub. As a fitting touch to the overall design, a partial oriental-styled rimband is displayed at the top, behind the pair. The characteristic “P” mintmark is at the top. As a security feature, a micro-laser engraved letter is integrated into the design, visible only under magnification and used for authentication.

You are going to really enjoy this 2020 1 oz Silver Australia Guardian Lions (Double Pixiu) BU release by Australia’s Perth Mint! With a maximum mintage of 50,000 for worldwide distribution, we certainly suggest that you secure your desired quantity as quickly as you can.


    • 2020 1 oz Silver Australia Guardian Lions (Double Pixiu) BU.
    • Limited mintage of a maximum of 50,000!
    • Includes anti-counterfeiting security feature on the reverse.
    • Contains 1 oz of .9999 fine silver.
    • Single coins come in mint capsules.
    • Obverse: Features the Jody Clark effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Inscriptions include the coin’s 1 oz weight and 9999 purity, release date of 2020, and the (AU) 1 Dollar face value.
    • Reverse: Features the pair of Pixiu seated upon a large pile of Chinese coins. These mythical creatures have a head of a dragon and the body of a lion. Their heads depict the fierceness of a dragon and are crowned with the mane of a lion. Their bodies display the muscular strength of a lion. One is grasping a ball in its claw, the other holds a small Pixiu cub. The Perth Mint P mintmark is displayed.
Product ID: 2525120200
Year Released: 2020
Origin: Perth Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 1 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.9999
Denomination: 1 Dollar
Mint Mark: P
Diameter: 40.6 mm
Thickness: 2.98 mm


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    Laura (verified owner)

    2020 1 oz Silver Aussie Guardian Lions (Double Pixiu) BU

    Very pretty coin. Brilliant dark and light silver tone on Pixiu when observed under different lighting. When it's dark you can't easily see the elegant decorative detailing of their collar etc. Rotate the coin slightly and the tone will lighten up, then you can see it. A unique coin and will be added to my collection. I have ordered the 2 oz Pixiu, and looking forward to receiving it. Thank you for your assistance.

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