2020 Silver Germania Beasts Fafnir BU – 1 oz

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1 oz .9999 fine silver. Comes in a lense capsule with a COA. First release in the Germania Beasts series, only 25,000 minted world-wide!


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2020 Germania Beasts Fafnir Germinius 1 oz Silver BU

BOLD joins in the excitement of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide at the news of Germania Mint’s inaugural release of their Germania Beasts series, Fafnir Germinius! This 2020 Germania Beasts Fafnir Germinius 1 oz Silver BU offering continues to push the envelope of fresh, imaginative themes, as well as the design and production excellence we have come to expect from Germania Mint. You will surely want to get in on the this limited mintage, inaugural series release while it is still available!

Intelligent Ruthless Power

As introduced by the mint, “Fafnir ‑ the mythological beast, was often depicted as a dragon or a great snake. He was characterized by extraordinary intelligence, but also ruthlessness and enormous power.”

In fact, the enormous power and majesty of this beast is so great, that it could not fully be represented on the single side of a 1 oz coin. As described by the mint, “The coin is characterized not only by a mystical theme, but also by a unique design, that passes from the coin’s obverse to the reverse, creating a complete image…The obverse and the reverse of the coin form together a sign of infinity.”

Introducing Fafnir Germinus

As noted, the complete design spills from the obverse to the reverse in order to capture the full image of this enormous mythical beast. The obverse displays Fafnir’s head and a portion of its scaled serpentine body. The fine detail displayed in the design is meticulous! There is no question regarding the beast’s ferocity, as it is clearly depicted in its dragon-like head and the razor-sharpness of its exposed teeth, ready to shred any competing beast or warrior that would dare to stand against it. The background is filled with the stone-like pattern that is representative of Germania’s designs. Inscriptions include “FAFNIR” at the right rim, and ” 1 oz Ag 999.9″ above Fafnir’s body.

The reverse begins where the obverse ended. Whereas, the obverse image depicts the curved serpentine body ending at the top rim, the reverse picks it up at the bottom of its portion of the complete design. The remaining length of Fafnir’s body coils around the the entire field, terminating in a spade-point. Germania’s two-headed eagle seal is displayed in the center of the field. The same background textured pattern completes the design with an added touch of distinction. Inscriptions include “GERMANIA 2020” superimposed on the beast’s body at the top rim, and “5 MARK” on the tail. It should be noted that the “5 MARK” is symbolic only, and does not denote the silver round as having any actual face value as legal tender.

The complete design can only be visualized by adding a second coin displaying the reverse, and aligning the coin’s bottom rim at the top rim of the first coin displaying the obverse. This 2020 Germania Beasts Fafnir Germinius 1 oz Silver BU offering truly features a remarkable design, whether displayed as a pair, or appreciating it one side at a time.


  • 2020 Germania Beasts Fafnir Germinius 1 oz Silver BU.
  • Inaugural release of new Germania Beasts series.
  • Limited mintage of only 25,000 for global distribution. These are certain to move fast!
  • Contains: 1 Troy oz of 999.9 fine silver.
  • Obverse: Features the upper portion of of Fafnir’s serpentine body, displaying beast’s magnificence and fierceness. The background is filled with a stone-like pattern. Inscriptions include “FAFNIR . 1 oz Ag 999.9.”
  • Reverse: Picks up where the obverse image stopped, displaying the bottom portion of the beast’s body, completing the overall design. At the center is displayed Germana’s seal, the two-headed eagle. As with the obverse, the background is filled with the same textured pattern. Inscriptions include, “GERMANIA 2020 . 5 MARK.”
  • Packaging: Singles ship in mint capsules with included Certificate of Authenticity.
Product ID: 2843020200
Year Released: 2020
Origin: Germania Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: troy oz
Standardized Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.9999
Denomination: 5 Mark
Diameter: 38.61 mm


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