2021 Chad The Binding of Fenrir 2 oz Silver HR Proof

2 oz .999 fine silver & 11.5 oz Copper. Stunning new antiqued proof rendition of the Norse myth of the binding of the great wofl Fenrir minted using the innovative “Bi-Metal Plus” technique incorporating 11.5 oz of Copper with the 2 oz of Silver to create a double-sized super high relief coin. Only 500 minted! Comes with a presentation box and COA.


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2021 Chad The Binding of Fenrir 2oz Silver HR Proof

This remarkably fine 2021 Chad The Binding of Fenrir 2oz Silver HR Proof coin depicts an incredible story drawn from Norse mythology. The stunning design minted in the new technique – Bi-Metal Plus, captures a magnificent sense of the story’s account as handed down through the ages.

The Story as Recounted by the Mint

    "Raised in Asgard by the gods, Fenrir was a giant wolf whose jaw could stretch from the earth to heaven. As he grew increasingly bigger, he became too strong to be controlled and the gods began to fear that he would break free and wreck havoc in all the worlds. As a result, they attempted to trick Fenrir into binding himself by challenging him to break free from being chained as a show of his strength, but Fenrir did so easily.

    Eventually, the gods made a chain that was impossible to break. To trick Fenrir into binding himself, Tyr, the God of War, had placed his arm into Fenrir’s mouth to convince him and eventually lost it when Fenrir bit down on it upon his capture. As Fenrir fought against his shackles, he was stabbed in the jaw by a sword. Fenrir howled as the sword pierced through him, and it is said that the saliva that flowed from his mouth formed the river of Van, and there he would lay until Ragnarok.

    A crucial chapter in Norse mythology, the Binding of Fenrir is an incredible story of deceit, fear, and power. This piece expresses these elements to a beautiful and artistic effect – the strength of Fenrir through the defined 3D lines across his body, the look of anguish brought to life in his eyes, and the flowing of the river from this mouth."


The production of this magnificent 2021 Chad The Binding of Fenrir 2oz Silver HR Proof coin has been made possible only through a new minting technique known as Bi-Metal-Plus. The process begins with an 11.5 oz copper core within two layers of 999 fine silver. This results in a large 80mm diameter, double that of a normal collectible bullion coin. The 11.5 oz copper core adds tremendous bulk and weight without the extra cost of an equivalent amount of silver weight. This also allows for the super ultra-high relief strike that brings alive the coin’s incredibly detailed design.


  • 2021 Chad The Binding of Fenrir 2oz Silver HR Proof.
  • Produced with new minting technique Bi-Metal-Plus
  • Contains 2 oz 999 fine silver around a 11.5 oz copper core.
  • Both obverse and reverse are beautifully antiqued.
  • Extremely limited mintage of only 500 pieces for worlwide distribution.
  • 80mm diameter.
  • Obverse: Displays a stunning, original stylized Norse symbol filling the center field. Within the rimband at the top is displayed the Coat of Arms Du Tchad. Inscriptions at the rim include "REPUBLIQUE DU TCHAD . 2021 . 10000 FRANCS CFA."
  • Reverse: Features a detailed stylized scene that depicts the binding in chains of Fenrir and the sword piercing through his jaw. Inscriptions include, "The Binding of Fenrir" in a fine script-style.
  • Coin comes encapsulated in a finely-illustrated display box and includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
Product ID: 2750520211
Year Released: 2021
Origin: African Nations
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 2 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 2 oz
Purity: 0.999
Denomination: 10,000 Francs
Diameter: 80 mm


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