Air-Tite Model A – 1 5/16″ Coin Tube


Protect your investment with Air-Tite!

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Storage tube hold up to 20 Air-Tite capsules. They offer a welded bottom with a slip on cap, crystal clear and archival safe.

Outside dimensions are 1 5/16″  x 4 1/8″

Fits the following Model A Capsules:

Model A Direct Fit Sizes — Coin Type
A-16 inside diameter 16.5mm — $5 Gold Eagle
A-18 inside diameter 17.9mm — US Dime
A-19 inside diameter 19.0mm — US Cent
A-21 inside diameter 21.2mm — US Nickel
A-22 inside diameter 22.0mm — $10 Gold Eagle
A-24.3 inside diameter 24.3mm — US Quarter
A-26 inside diameter 26.5mm — SBA/Sac/Presidential Dollar

Model A Ring Sizes Available (10-19mm)

Product ID: supply-airtite-A-tube
Metal Composition: alloy


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