Austria Mint Glowing Supersaurs Collector Album


Collectors album for the Glowing Supersaurs Cupro-Nickel coin series from the Austrian Mint!

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Glowing Supersaurs Collector Album

The Austrian Mint is presenting this stunning Glowing Supersaurs Collector Album in conjunction with the companion series of 12 cupro-nickel 3 EUR legal tender coins.

As described by the Austrian Mint:

“The Collector album includes lots of lifelike yet imaginative illustrations as well as fascinating information about the super talents of the dinosaurs featured. Packed with huge personalities and crazy characters, the album is the perfect way for dinosaur fans of all ages to get up close and personal with their extinct friends.”

This is not only an absolutely stunning and interesting volume, it also serves as a presentation album that provides spaces to add the full suite of associated coins (coins purchased separately). By completing this collection as each coin becomes available, you will have created a brilliant, heirloom-grade presentation album that will impress and intrigue for generations to come!

BOLD Precious Metals gives this Glowing Supersaurs Collector Album and the associated 12 coin series our highest recommendation! Please note: The Collector Album is produced entirely in the German language.


  • Glowing Supersaurs Collector Album.
  • Accurate and visually enthralling guide to world of dinosaurs.
  • Entire Collector Album produced in German language.
  • Serves both as a beautiful, intriguing volume and a presentation Album for associated coin series.
  • Display spaces provided for the 12 cupro-nickel 3 EUR legal tender coins in the series.
  • The coins are brilliantly colored but in the dark, they GLOW!
  • Coin series must be purchased separately.
  • Limited inventory available.
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