BOLD Set: America The Beautiful 2015 – 50 Coin Stacker Set

The complete 5 coin set of the 2015 America The Beautiful 5 oz Silver bullion releases. Each release comes in a mint-issued tube containing 10 coins.

Total of 250 oz .999 fine silver.


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BOLD Set: America The Beautiful 2015 – 50 Coin Stacker Set

BOLD has made it easy to buy coins that are thematically grouped into sets. BOLD Collector Sets feature single coins while BOLD Stacker Sets include tubes of each coin in the set. BOLD Sets are also a great gift option for that special coin collector in your life. Check back often as we add new sets regularly!

The America the Beautiful (ATB) silver bullion coin series began in 2010, releasing 5 new coins each year. The series will run until at least 2021. The design duplicates exactly (though enlarged) each of the America the Beautiful Quarters. Each coin contains five troy ounce of .999 fine silver. This makes them the largest silver bullion coins ever issued by the United States Mint.

This series is highly prized by collectors and investors for the coin’s unique size and weight, and striking designs. They are also much more than beautiful, investment bullion grade collectable coins. Each of the sites represented are true National treasures, having deep historical, cultural or natural significance.

The complete 5-coin set of the 2015 America The Beautiful 5 oz Silver bullion releases in mint-issued tubes!

This BOLD Stacker Set includes ten coins each of the complete 5-coin set of the 2015 America The Beautiful 5 oz Silver bullion releases! They are in full, unsearched mint-issued plastic tubes. The tubes are easy to label, store and resell in the future. This makes them the perfect option for building out your stack of Silver!

With a total of 250 oz .999 fine silver, the releases include:


    • 2015 Silver 5 oz ATB Bombay Hook Delaware (10 Coins)


The reverse design captures the rich, natural beauty of the mix of saltwater marshes and fresh water impounds teaming with waterfowl. Featured here are a great blue heron in the foreground and a great egret in the background. Bombay Hook was established as a National Wildlife Refuge in 1937. Its key responsibility within the NWR system is to provide and maintain a safe habitat and breeding grounds for migrating birds and native wildlife. This ATB coin honors the crucial role Bombay Hook plays in protecting this fragile, yet vital tidal salt marsh environment.


    • 2015 Silver 5 oz ATB Blue Ridge Parkway North Carolina (10 Coins)


Climbing close along mountainsides, and descending into extended valley straightaways, the 469 miles of the Parkway offer startlingly close up mountain views. These give way to lush panoramas of forest and valley green. Capturing this, the Blue Ridge Parkway ATB coin’s design shows a curving path leading into a cutaway in the mountainside. Evergreens reach tall in the background, and a flowering dogwood, North Carolina’s State flower, is displayed in the foreground.


    • 2015 Silver 5 oz ATB Kisatchie Louisiana (10 Coins)


The reverse design captures a true sense of the lush terrain and extensive wildlife diversity of the Park. The coin features a beautifully detailed wild turkey, wings spread high, in flight. The scene below opens to native blue stem grass, and a long leaf pine as background. Kisatchie National Forest was established in 1930, covering an area of 604,000 acres. The mix of habitats including longleaf pine forests, bayous, and bald cypress groves matches the diversity of plant and wildlife. This ATB coin seeks to highlight both the natural beauty of this National Forest, and those who actively maintain and protect it.


    • 2015 Silver 5 oz ATB Saratoga New York (10 Coins)


The reverse design depicts a close-up of a historically strategic moment in 1777. British General John Burgoyne is shown surrendering his sword to American General Horatio Gates. This was the first really significant American victory, and a turning point many believe marked the “beginning of the end” of the American Revolutionary War. Saratoga was established as a National Historical Park in 1938, and covers 3,392 acres. A primary responsibility of the Park is to preserve the site of the Battles of Saratoga. This ATB coin design captures with fine distinction this truly decisive day in American history.


    • 2015 Silver 5 oz ATB Homestead Nebraska (10 Coins)


With the goal of extending westward expansion, The Homestead Act of 1862 granted 160 acres of free land to any who was willing and able to go forth and claim it. The Homestead National Monument stands in commemoration of these frontier settlers. Capturing this, the Homestead ATB coin displays a simple settler homestead, with hand operated water pump and ears of corn. These were the staples on which these early settlers staked their lives.

Product ID: 2015SET50Coin-ATB
Year Released: 2015
Origin: United States Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 250 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 250 oz
Purity: 0.999
First Strike: 1
Signature Series: 1
Denomination: 25 cents
Diameter: 76.2 mm
Thickness: 4.064 mm
Impaired: 1


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