BOLD Set: America The Beautiful 2016 – 50 Coin Stacker Set

The complete 5 coin set of the 2016 America The Beautiful 5 oz Silver bullion releases. Each release comes in a mint-issued tube containing 10 coins.

Total of 250 oz .999 fine silver.


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BOLD Set: America The Beautiful 2016 – 50 Coin Stacker Set

BOLD has made it easy to buy coins that are thematically grouped into sets. BOLD Collector Sets feature single coins while BOLD Stacker Sets include tubes of each coin in the set. BOLD Sets are also a great gift option for that special coin collector in your life. Check back often as we add new sets regularly!

The America the Beautiful (ATB) silver bullion coin series began in 2010, releasing 5 new coins each year. The series will run until at least 2021. The design duplicates exactly (though enlarged) each of the America the Beautiful Quarters. Each coin contains five troy ounce of .999 fine silver. This makes them the largest silver bullion coins ever issued by the United States Mint.

This series is highly prized by collectors and investors for the coin’s unique size and weight, and striking designs. They are also much more than beautiful, investment bullion grade collectable coins. Each of the sites represented are true National treasures, having deep historical, cultural or natural significance.

The complete 5-coin set of the 2016 America The Beautiful 5 oz Silver bullion releases in mint-issued tubes!

This BOLD Stacker Set includes ten coins each of the complete 5-coin set of the 2016 America The Beautiful 5 oz Silver bullion releases! They are in full, unsearched mint-issued plastic tubes. The tubes are easy to label, store and resell in the future. This makes them the perfect option for building out your stack of Silver!

With a total of 250 oz .999 fine silver, the releases include:


    • 2016 Silver 5 oz ATB Fort Moultrie South Carolina (10 Coins)


The reverse design features Sergeant William Jasper, a Revolutionary War soldier of the 2nd South Carolina Regiment. He is depicted in this historic act of returning the regimental flag to Fort Moultrie’s ramparts. Built in 1778, the Fort has a rich history, which extended forward through the Civil War, and continued in service until 1947. Recognizing Fort Moultrie’s strategic historical significance, in 1960 it was transferred under the management of the National Park Service. It is now managed as a unit of Fort Sumter National Monument. This ATB coin is a beautifully designed tribute to the strategic position this Fort has held in our nation’s history.


    • 2016 Silver 5 oz ATB Theodore Roosevelt North Dakota (10 Coins)


The reverse design distinctively displays the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. He is pictured as the young man, who in 1883 was drawn to the rugged, untamed beauty of the Badlands area of North Dakota to hunt bison. He fell forever in love with it. In the background winds the Little Missouri River. Many of the most well known sites in the Park are tied directly to the increasing volume of cattle ranching during the latter 1880’s. The Park was finally designated a National Park in 1978, and currently encompasses 70,448 acres. This ATB coin captures the wild ruggedness of the Park’s natural beauty.


    • 2016 Silver 5 oz ATB Harper’s Ferry West Virginia (10 Coins)


The reverse design features John Brown’s Fort. This is the site of John Brown’s last stand during his raid on the Harper’s Ferry Armory in 1859, just two years before the outbreak of the Civil War. The Park was first designated a National Monument in 1944, and later declared a National Park by Congress in 1963. Encompassing 4,000 acres, the area is dense with forest, rising into the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Potomac and Shenandoah rivers also surround it. This is a most beautiful place, indeed. This ATB coin honors well the history of this site.


    • 2016 Silver 5 oz ATB Cumberland Gap Kentucky (10 Coins)


Commemorating Cumberland Gap, “The First Doorway to the West,” the reverse design features an early pioneer standing with his rifle cradled. He is looking west across the Gap towards the frontier of Kentucky and Tennessee. Cumberland Gap National Historical Park was established in 1940, and encompasses 20,508 acres. This famous Gap is a passable, natural break in the Appalachian Mountains. Interestingly, the area covered by the Park includes sections of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. This ATB coin is a welcome tribute to the natural beauty of this Park, as well as the rich historical significance of the Gap.


    • 2016 Silver 5 oz ATB Shawnee Illinois (10 Coins)


Captures a close view of Camel Rock with lush forests of stately native oak and hickory trees in the foreground. Overhead soars the striking image of a red-tailed hawk with its wings fully spread. Shawnee was established as a National Forest in 1939, and currently covers 289,000 acres. It is situated between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. The beauty of Shawnee is displayed not only in its forests, but also wetlands, ridges, and canyons. Included are seven wilderness areas, officially designated and managed within the National Wilderness Preservation System. This ATB coin design wonderfully represents the lush natural beauty of Shawnee National Forest.

Product ID: 2016SET50Coin-ATB
Year Released: 2016
Origin: United States Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 250 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 250 oz
Purity: 0.999
First Strike: 1
Signature Series: 1
Denomination: 25 cents
Diameter: 76.2 mm
Thickness: 4.064 mm
Impaired: 1


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