BOLD Set: North America 2018 – 70 Coin Stacker Set

A special Silver bullion Stacker Set featuring the FLAGSHIP bullion coins from the United States, Canada and Mexico! These coins are in demand world-wide each and every year.

Each of the releases comes in a mint-issued tube.

Total of 70 oz .999+ fine silver.


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BOLD Set: North America 2018 – 70 Coin Collector Set

BOLD has made it easy to buy coins that are thematically grouped into sets. BOLD Collector Sets feature single coins while BOLD Stacker Sets include tubes of each coin in the set. BOLD Sets are also a great gift option for that special coin collector in your life. Check back often as we add new sets regularly. This 2018 North America 3-Coin Collector Set is stunning example!

This BOLD Stacker Set features the FLAGSHIP bullion coins from the United States, Canada, and Mexico! These coins are in demand worldwide each and every year. They are in full, unsearched mint-issued plastic tubes. The tubes are easy to label, store and resell in the future. This makes them the perfect option for building out your stack of Silver!

With a total of 70 oz .999+ fine silver, the releases include:


    • 2018 Silver 1 oz American Eagle BU (20 Coins)


The Silver Eagle is the single most popular bullion coin in the world! Likewise, Silver American Eagles are highly valued as a secure and solid investment. Bullion collectors and stackers across the globe prize American Eagles. This value is recognized not only for their stability even in unstable times, but also for their beauty. This beauty is even more appreciated when you closely consider the history and story the design represents. This 2018 Silver 1 oz American Eagle BU condition will certainly grace your growing collection!

Recognized worldwide as one of the most stunning designs in bullion coins, Lady Liberty gracefully, yet proudly represents freedom. She steps into a bright future, draped with a flowing U.S. flag. Looking toward the rising sun, she recalls that this freedom was won at a great cost. In her left arm she cradles branches of oak and laurel. These symbolize the glory of her people, their strength, and unstoppable resolve. Lady Liberty also extends her right hand in peace unto the Nations of the world.



  • 2018 Silver 1 oz Canada Maple Leaf (25 Coins)



Since its introduction in 1988, the iconic Silver Maple Leaf (SML) has been a highly sought-after Royal Canadian Mint bullion investment coin. This 2018 SML is minted with one troy ounce (31.11 grams) of .9999 fine silver, and has a face value of $5, the highest face value on the market for any comparable silver bullion coin. All 1-ounce 99.99% pure Silver Maple Leaf Bullion coins produced for 2014 and beyond will have two new and unique features for enhanced security.

Also for 2018, RCM Introduces MINTSHIELD™ “the world’s first and only proven solution for reducing white spots on silver bullion coins — a proprietary advancement developed by the innovative minds at the Royal Canadian Mint and applied to every Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin dated 2018 or later.”



  • 2018 Silver 1 oz Mexican Libertad (25 Coins)



The 1 oz Silver Mexican Libertad is globally recognized as a sound world-bullion investment choice. The coins are produced by La Casa de Monde de Mexico, the oldest mint in all the Americas. Containing 1 oz .999 fine silver, these Silver Libertads are available at a low premium over the spot price of silver. This 2018 Silver 1 oz Mexican Libertad will add both value and a measure of stability to your bullion investments.

The Silver Libertad is more than a good bullion investment coin, it also bears a beautiful and historic design. Centered on the coin’s obverse is a magnificently crafted, relief design of Mexico’s National Shield, the official seal and current Mexican Coat of Arms. The reverse image features the Winged Victory figure standing upon a pedestal. Her beautiful wings are outstretched high above her. The Winged Victory is a symbol of Mexican independence, which hails back to the Mexican Revolution. The actual statue stands proudly in the center of Mexico City.

Product ID: 2018SET70Coin-NA
Year Released: 2018
Origin: United States Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 70 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 70 oz
Purity: 0.999+
First Strike: 1
Signature Series: 1
Denomination: Varies
Impaired: 1


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