BOLD Set: South Korea ZI:SIN – 3 Coin Collector Set (2017-2019)

The first three releases in the low mintage Lunar series from the KOMSCO Mint in South Korea.


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BOLD Set: South Korea Zi:Sin ‑ 3 Coin Collector Set (2017-2019)

BOLD has made it easy to buy coins that are thematically grouped into sets. BOLD Collector Sets feature single coins while BOLD Stacker Sets include tubes of each coin in the set. BOLD Sets are also a great gift option for that special coin collector in your life. Check back often as we add new sets regularly This BOLD Set: South Korea Zi:Sin ‑ 3 Coin Collector Set is a stunning example!

This BOLD Collector Set contains one each of the first three amazing Zi:Sin releases from South Korea.


    • 2017 1 oz Silver Zi:Sin ‑ Gallus


Sure, you know all about the Chinese Shengxiào calendar and the twelve-year celestial-cycle that influences those born during each specific year of the cycle. But, did you have any idea that there is a whole other side to this story? Although each animal representing a year in the Shengxiào exerts a power that can influence for good or ill. That is only the side into which we humans have any insight. You are very likely to be completely taken off-guard to find out that there is an entire realm surrounding this cycle from which we have been shielded.

Twelve Guardians ‑ Zi:Sin

What is this story? Zi:Sin! The battle! This battle is real, and it is relentless. Twelve Guardians have been established to serve as god’s commanders to protect mankind. Each stand to defend from demonic attacks and ambushes that come from the twelve directions represented on lunar calendar-wheel. The individual commanders are empowered to stand against the specific evil forces that come from the direction they defend. To the Twelve Guardians, the earth is a battlefield and there is no rest.

Some consider their powers to be mythical and their battle only metaphorical, but these 12 commanders know better! In a similar way that the twelve animals of the lunar calendar have specific traits by which they exercise influence, so each of the 12 Guardians derive their powers from the same. For example, in the current 12-year cycle, 2017 is the year of the Rooster. As Messenger and Protector of the Realm of Light, Gallus stands his ground as one of the 12 in this never-ending battle to protect and defend mankind as god’s commanders.

Spectacular Series Design

The obverse of this 2017 1 oz Silver Zi:Sin ‑ Gallus, though it will be common to the 12-medallion series, is anything but common! Displayed in exquisite detail is “Do ggae bi,” which should always be pronounced with an exclamation point! Do ggae bi (!) is a mythical figure from Korean lore that had the power to protect from evil spirits. The actual design used is from a roof tile dating from the Silla Dynasty. This kingdom ruled over south-eastern Korea during the very important Three Kingdoms period, extending from the 1st century BC to 7th century AD.

Inscriptions include “REPUBLIC OF KOREA” encircling the top rim, and “2017 FINE SILVER 999” at the left rim, with “1 CLAY” at the right. Below the image is a unique, latent image engraving, that very faintly displays, “999” in a small circle. “KOMSCO” is inscribed at the bottom rim.

Interestingly, the “1 Clay” is a new measurement developed by KOMSCO. It references 1 unit of 1 troy oz of the metal. The word clay is considered to be of the soil, out of which the metal was derived.

Gallus ‑ Messenger of Light

Standing between utter darkness and the Light in which men were established to dwell, Gallus defends the Light’s realm. Represented in the Shengxiào calendar by the Year of the Rooster, Gallus breaks the black darkness of night from the brilliance of the light of day. His weapons of defense extend far beyond the announcement of the breaking of the dawn. He stands guard against the blackest of blackness from which there would be no deliverance. Gallus stands alert at the gate, fully armored against the demonic assaults of the dark realm.

As represented on the reverse of this fine silver bullion medallion, Gallus stands his ground in full-body armor. Emblazoned upon his shoulder-shield is the image of his power, Gallus (Rooster). His specially forged weapon is something between a spear and a battle-axe. The head of which is a massive curved-blade that extends to a sharp point. The fearsome image of Do ggae bi is reflected on the blade.

Although they never cease their attempted breaches upon the gate, not one dark demon has been able to best this Guardian. Gallus proudly displays his allegiance to the Shengxiào by the display of his helmet, designed in honor of the rooster, the morning messenger of the dawn.


    • 2018 1 oz Silver Zi:Sin ‑ Canis


Canis ‑ Year of the Dog

In honor of this timeless story the Republic of Korea and KOMSCO are once again pleased to release the second medallion in their latest bullion series, 2018 1 oz Silver Zi:Sin ‑ Canis. True to the distinction the story deserves, each annual release will unveil a spectacular design depicting the Guardian representing that lunar year. Canis stands front and center defending the Year of the Dog, 2018.

The reverse of the 2018 1 oz Silver Zi:Sin ‑ Canis medallion is incredible in its display of the fierce power Canis wields. In the finest of detail, this active battle scene brings keen focus on the canine aspect of this commander. His primary weapon is the massive arm-guard and claw on his right arm. Engraved upon the guard is the frightening image of “Do ggae bi.” From this extends long, terrible canine claws that are able to rip even a demon to shreds. His body armor is intricately detailed, and designed not only to protect during battle, but also to provoke fear in his enemy.

As with each of the 12 Guardians, Canis wears the helmet fashioned to represent the animal from which his power is drawn. You can clearly see the canine features of this head-gear, yet his face is also openly displayed. This is so his enemy can see the fierceness of his expression as he prepares to shred him. The thick fur of his collar also adds to his canine appearance. His boots are fashioned as dogs’ paws, with extended claws exposed. An amazing full cloak and ribbon flow behind Canis in the strong breeze.


    • 2019 1 oz Silver Zi:Sin ‑ Scrofa


Scrofa ‑ Protector and Guide of the Sacred Salt-Lake

The Salt-Lake was created by the gods of sun, moon, and star as a divine passage connecting two worlds between mortals and immortals. It is an embodiment of people’s desperate hope, wish and unchanged faith for a peaceful world. In honor of this Guardian, a special silver medallion has been forged.

The reverse of this fine medallion depicts Scrofa’s beautiful, yet powerful image. She stands alone, arrayed in battle armor, alert to defend the sacred Salt-Lake. Her sword is ready, and her head bowed, drawing upon her keen five-senses to discern approaching evil. Prominently displayed at the waist of her body armor is the boar’s head. This represents the Year of the Pig in the Shengxiào calendar.

Scrofa stands upon the parched, cracked shore, with salt mounds piled in the background. At the horizon stands a mountain range with billowing clouds overhead. Inscribed at the upper-left rim is “ZI:SIN SCROFA.”

These three South Korea Zi:Sin editions are strikingly remarkable collector medallions that should be prominently displayed among your most treasured pieces. We are anxious to see each of the remaining 9 medallions to be released over the coming years. You don’t want to miss out on this series!

Product ID: 2999SET3Coin-ZISIN
Year Released: Varies
Origin: South Korea
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 3 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 3 oz
Purity: 0.999
Impaired: 1


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