BOLD Set: Tuvalu Marvel 4 Coin Collector Set

Contains one each of the first 4 releases of Tuvalu Marvel Superheroes Series Individual coins come in mint-issued capsules.


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Tuvalu Marvel Superheroes 1 oz Silver 4 Coin Collector Set

BOLD has made it easy to buy coins that are thematically grouped into sets. BOLD Collector Sets feature single coins while BOLD Stacker Sets include tubes of each coin in the set. BOLD Sets are also a great gift option for that special coin collector in your life. Check back often as we add new sets regularly. This Tuvalu Marvel Superheroes 1 oz Silver 4 Coin Collector Set is a stunning example!

This BOLD Collector Set contains one each of the first 4 releases of Tuvalu Marvel Superheroes series for a total of 4 oz of 999 fine silver.

  • 2017 Silver 1 oz Tuvalu Spider Man
  • First up is the Amazing Spider Man! This stunning release represents the first of a select 6-coin series of Marvel Comic's Superheroes that will follow. Australia's Perth Mint produced the coin for Tuvalu (a British Commonwealth independent island nation). You will be absolutely amazed at this coin's striking, highly detailed design!

    Spidey appears to be bursting forth out of the coin's reverse field. He is featured poised in his iconic stance, both wrists extended to release their webs. Behind him is a full web, which provides a depth to the overall design. Spider-Man's superhuman strength is displayed in his powerful muscle tone, while his lean agility is revealed in his crouched stance. Also, emblazoned on the reverse are Marvel's logo, and the inscription, "Marvel Spider-Man." This is a remarkable coin, and a great introduction to the series!

  • 2018 Silver 1 oz Tuvalu Thor
  • Next up, THOR thunders on the scene with an astonishingly bold design. Filling the reverse field is THOR's powerful frontal profile, helmeted and in full body armor. His right arm is raised with a readied, clenched fist. His left hand grasps Mj√∂lnir, one of the most powerful weapons ever wielded on Asgard or Earth. His muscular torso reveals the raw strength THOR commands; his face is set like flint, determined to obliterate his evil foe. In the background forks bright flashes of lightning. This is a brilliant second release to the series!

  • 2018 Silver 1 oz Tuvalu Black Panther
  • Next up, Black Panther is on the move, but you'll never see him coming! T'Challa is the Black Panther. Each step in the path that led to his ascension as King of the (fictional) African nation of Wakanda also created the Black Panther. His history and exploits as both the man, T'Challa and the Black Panther are astounding! Following the phenomenal success of the Black Panther movie released in February 2018, this 3rd coin of the series is being received with matching enthusiasm!

    This 2018 Silver 1 oz Marvel Black Panther coin displays the powerful strength and keen prowess that Black Panther wields. The reverse features Black Panther in an awesome action pose. You can almost visualize his spirit-connection to the panther, as he crouches just before striking. His body is lean, but his powerful muscles bulge within his sleek vibranium suit. His right arm is extended forward, with claws ready. His left arm is raised high, but outside of the coin's field. This is a powerful scene!

  • 2018 Silver 1 oz Tuvalu Iron Man
  • Whether he arrives as Tony Stark, or Iron Man, you can be sure that something big is about to break loose! As this 2018 Silver 1 oz Marvel Iron Man coin clearly demonstrates, Iron Man is a formidable force to deal with. What he may lack in superhuman powers, he makes up in super genius (and a sharp wit!). You might say, he also has quite a wardrobe…

    The reverse depicts a very close-up action scene of Iron Man in flight. He extends his left arm before him, palm raised and ready to activate the repulsor rays. He is ready for the conflict and will not stand down until he has finished the work. The coin's field is not large enough to contain Iron Man. It appears that he is about to break free of its restraints!

Product ID: 2999SET4Coin-Marvel
Year Released: Varies
Origin: Tuvalu
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 4 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 4 oz
Purity: 0.999
First Strike: Uncirculated
Signature Series: N
Impaired: N


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