Germania Mint Premium Cast Bar 1 Kilo Silver (Hologram)

As low as $4.05 per ounce over spot!

1 kilo .999 fine silver. Premium cast (poured) bars produced by the illustrious Germania Mint! Individually stamped with a unique serial number and and featuring a hologram for added security.


QuantityCash/CheckCredit / PayPal
1 - 4$1,005.31$1,045.52
5 - 9$1,001.97$1,042.05
10 - 29$998.64$1,038.59
30 or more$995.31$1,035.12

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Germania Silver Cast Bar 1000 g

BOLD is extremely pleased to introduce a brand new Germania Mint investment product coming online in 2021. This 999 fine Germania Silver Cast Bar 1000 g is truly a beautiful sight to gaze your eyes on! The first of several sizes to be added to the line, this product will quickly rise to the top of your Must Have list.

Much More than Investment

As introduced by the mint,

“Silver Cast Bars are our new investment product, which thanks to its attractive appearance, high-quality workmanship and innovative packaging is perfect as an investment and Collector’s product. The beginning of 2021 will start with 1000 g Silver Cast Bars. The offer will be systematically expanded with silver bars of various sizes.

The entire manufacturing process takes place in Germania Mint. This gives us the ability to control every aspect and to create products of the highest quality. Silver Cast Bars are secured with anti tarnish and vacuum sealed to protect from external factors. Each bar is packed individually in custom made boxes. Boxes with exclusive designs and finishes emphasize the uniqueness of the bar and make it not only an investment, but also a Collector’s product. The box also includes the specification of the silver bar. The bars are engraved with individual numbers and secured with a Germania Mint hologram to guarantee authenticity.”


  • Germania Silver Cast Bar 1000 g.
  • Inaugural release of new investment product line.
  • Unlimited mintage.
  • Contains: 1000 grams of 999 fine LBMA certified silver.
  • Design: Displays in vertical orientation the stunning Germania hallmark at the top, featuring the exclusive Bicephalous Eagle crowned shield design. Inscriptions include, “GERMANIA MINT . 9999 . FINE SILVER . 1000g.” Also engraved is the bar’s individual serial number, secured with a Germania Mint hologram.
  • Packaging: Each bar is secured in a anti-tarnish, vacuum-sealed pouch. The bars come packaged in a custom designed, illustrated box, which includes the bars specifications.
Product ID: 2132199990-GERM
Year Released: Varies
Origin: Germania Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 1 kilo
Standardized Weight: 32.15 oz
Purity: 0.999


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