Gold Bar (Our Choice) – 5 oz

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Gold Bar 5 oz (Our Choice)

These 5 oz .9999 Fine Gold Bullion Bars will be pulled from existing inventory. They will consist of our choice of Mints and designs.

Gold bullion bars have long been a sound choice for precious metals investors. There are primarily two advantages recognized by those investing in bullion bars. Due to lower production costs, they generally have a lower premium as compared to the same troy oz of gold silver coins. This, of course, results in less expensive upfront investment costs. Perhaps equally important to the precious metals investment stacker is the bar's relative ease of "stacking" for storage. The stacks generally take less room to store than the same weight of bullion coins.

Consider adding gold and silver bars to your bullion investment strategy today!


  • Pulled from existing inventory, of our choice of Mints and designs.
  • Contains 5 oz of .9999 gold.
Product ID: 3250099990-RNDM
Year Released: Varies
Origin: Private Mint
Metal Composition: Gold
Face Weight: 5 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 5 oz
Purity: 0.9999
First Strike: Original Mint State
Signature Series: N
Impaired: N


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