Intaglio Sons of Liberty, Liberty Tree Silver BU Round – 2 oz

2 oz .999 fine silver.


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Intaglio Sons of Liberty, Liberty Tree 2 oz Silver Round

Prior to the American Revolution, there were many instances and individuals who were passionately involved in the protection of the Thirteen American Colonies. One such organization that was created was the Sons of Liberty, a secret society formed to fight taxation by the British government, playing a major role in the Stamp Act in 1765.

As a formal underground organization, the Sons of Liberty promoted a unified inter-Colonial effort resisting taxes and laws whose motto became “No taxation without representation.” They would often issue anonymous summons to a “Liberty Tree” for public meetings with well-known organizers and leaders such as Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and the now infamous traitor Benedict Arnold.


  • Intaglio Sons of Liberty, Liberty Tree 2 oz Silver Round.
  • Contains 2 oz Troy of .999 Fine Silver.
  • Obverse: Features a detailed depiction of one of the original Son’s of Liberty kneeling with a musket in hand, with an early American flag in the background. “Sons of Liberty” is inscribed at the top.
  • Reverse: Displays the Liberty Tree on a background of radials and stars, with a rattlesnake coiled around the trunk. A banner across the lower circumference draping over muskets on the left and right bearing the words “DEFENDING THE TREE OF LIBERTY.” Hallmark split across both right and left sides.

BOLD Precious Metals is proud to add select products produced by Intaglio Mint of Denver, Colorado. Intaglio has a stellar history of production excellence and some of the most imaginative and stunning silver rounds available. Check back with us often for new Intaglio products.

Product ID: 2980219902
Origin: Intaglio Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 2 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 2 oz
Purity: 0.999
Diameter: 39 mm
Thickness: 6 mm


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    Sons of Liberty Tree Silver BU Round - 2 oz

    Nicely designed coin. Very intricate detailing.

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