Silver – 1 oz Peace Dollar Round

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1 oz .999 fine silver. Purchase a roll of 20 and receive the rounds in an unsearched plastic tube for safe storage. Purchase 500 coins and receive the rounds in a sealed monster box.


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Peace Dollar 1 oz Silver Round

The Peace Dollar 1 oz Silver Round brings back one of the most popular coinage designs in American history.

The original Peace dollar was designed by Anthony de Francisci, and was a symbol of peace and victory following WWI. The Peace dollar was minted by the US Mint from 1921–1928, and also in 1934–1935. It was the last US dollar coin made of silver ever struck for circulation. The stunning beauty of this 1 oz Peace Dollar silver round makes it one of the most popular rounds available.


  • Peace Dollar 1 oz Silver Round.
  • Contains: 1 Troy oz of .999 fine silver.
  • Obverse: Profiles the head and neck of the Goddess of Liberty, surrounded with a series of stars encircling the rim.
  • Reverse: Displays a bald eagle at rest, again a symbol of our Nation during a time of peace and growing prosperity. The bald eagle is clutching an olive branch. Also included on the reverse are the inscriptions, "Silver Bullion Round .999 Fine Silver One Troy oz."

Although these are quality produced silver rounds they are generic in that they are sourced from different mints. Stock photo and description may not exactly match actual product.


Interesting to note that in 1964, the US Congress passed legislation that would see the US Mint strike 45,000,000 silver Peace dollars. The new silver dollars were minted in response to popular demand in the western States where hard coinage was still in widespread use. Or, as some have said, the need represented was more specifically centered in Las Vegas. In 1965 the US Mint also produced 300,000 freshly minted Peace dollars with the date 1964. According to legend, they were never issued and rumored to have been melted.

The 1 oz Peace Dollar Silver Round represents among the best investment grade silver rounds available in the marketplace. Many who buy silver rounds often are looking for silver bullion that can be easily liquidated. The 1 oz Peace Dollar Silver Round offers excellent value when compared to other silver coins and is considered highly liquid.

Why Silver Rounds?

Silver bullion rounds have long been a sound choice for precious metals investors. Due to lower production costs, they generally have a smaller premium as compared to the same troy oz of silver coins. This, of course, results in less expensive upfront investment costs.

Silver rounds are available in many highly recognizable designs, making them very appreciated gift items. With an ever-growing selection, you will always find just the right match for every birthday, anniversary, and Thank-You opportunity. They are also a more budget-sensitive way to introduce your children to a life-long appreciation of coin collecting.

BOLD offers a large, and constantly growing selection of Silver Rounds. Consider adding Silver Rounds to your bullion investment strategy today!

Product ID: 2155599990-PEAC
Year Released: Varies
Origin: Private Mint
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 1 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.999
First Strike: Uncirculated
Signature Series: N
Impaired: N


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