South Korea Achilles Shield Stacker 2 oz Silver Antiqued

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2 oz of .999 fine silver. Lightly antiqued stackable version of Achilles’ mythical shield!


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South Korea Achilles Shield Stacker 2oz Silver Antiqued

The inspiration for this exceptionally detailed South Korea Achilles Shield Stacker 2oz Silver Antiqued Medallion is drawn from Homer’s epic poem, "The Iliad." There we uncover a detailed description of Achilles’ shield. However, we will leave you to explore Homer’s Iliad yourself, particularly Book XVIII.

The Shield of Achilles

This South Korea Achilles Shield Stacker 2oz Silver Antiqued Medallion is an awesome sight to behold. The lightly-antiqued design was guided by a careful study of the text of Homer’s Iliad. And yet, the incredible detail integrated into the design also required an equally worthy carrier to display such an intricate scene as that described by the ancient poet. We would have loved to have been in the KOMSCO Mint’s conference room while this medallion concept was being planned. The decision was exceptional – produce a stackable, domed medallion with an incused strike on the reverse, matching the obverse relief. The effect of the dome and incuse strike allows for secure stacking.


  • South Korea Achilles Shield Stacker 2oz Silver Antiqued.
  • Stackable domed, high relief medallion.
  • Contains 2 oz .999 fine silver.
  • Mintage – Unlimited.
  • Obverse: Features an incredibly detailed design of Achilles’ Shield as described by Homer in his famed poem, "The Iliad."
  • Reverse: Displays the incused opposing features of the obverse that snugly fit over the high relief features of the stacked domed medallion.
  • Diameter: 50mm.
  • As many South Korea Achilles Shield Stacker 2oz Silver Antiqued Medallions as you wish may be stacked together for secure storage.

The Medallion’s Theme

The medallion’s theme is specifically focused upon the interaction between three warriors during the Trojan War as described in Homer’s The Iliad. The first was Achilles – the mightiest warrior of the Achaean Army. The second, his dearest friend, Patroclus – also an exceptional warrior. And finally, Hector, the leader of the Trojan Army.

Homer’s account unfolds, as Achilles loans his battle armor to Patroclus, who is returning to the battle. Patroclus faces Hector and dies in the battle. Achilles decides to avenge his fiend’s death by going against Hector. Achilles’ shield was made for him by the god, Haphasetus. Wielding this shield Achilles slays Hector with his spear. Homer goes into great detail describing Achilles’ shield and the images engraved upon it.

Product ID: 2655220212
Origin: South Korea
Metal Composition: Silver
Face Weight: 2 troy oz
Standardized Weight: 2 oz
Purity: 0.999


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