Sure-Safe 20 Coin Shipper by AIR-TITE


Keep your coins safe with the Sure-Safe 20 Silver Coin Shipper.

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Product Details:

  • Polypropylene tube
  • Holds most 1 oz silver coins and rounds
  • 20 slots available

The Sure-Safe 20 Silver Coin Shipper is a polypropylene tube designed for securing silver coins and rounds during shipping. A foam insert inside the tube keeps coins separated in a vertical position to prevent damage. Each of the 20 available slots can accommodate most one ounce silver coins and rounds.

With your silver coins or rounds safe inside, the top of the Shipper seals shut and is secured by two end caps. Keeping coins still and separated during shipping helps them stay in the best possible condition.

Though this Shipper tube is an ideal solution for mailing coins or rounds, we do not recommend using it for long-term storage. The tube is not airtight (like other tubes specifically designed for coin storage), which means that your coins may tarnish over time. However, this tube will provide security while mailing or moving your coins.

Please note that this item is only the shipping tube itself. It will not accommodate coin or rounds in plastic capsules, and NO silver coins or rounds are included.

Product ID: supply-suresafe20coin


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