ZI SIN Scrofa Silver Medallions

ZI:SIN – A New Perspective On Lunar Series


Back in 2016, the official mint of the Republic of South Korea (KOMSCO) made quite a splash with a new medallion series featuring the legendary Chiwoo Cheonwang. A historical figure wrapped in myth and mystery, Chiwoo is revered as a guardian to the Korean people. With the massive success of the Chiwoo series, KOMSCO began branching out into new but equally interesting themes, rich with cultural significance. One such example is the ZI:SIN lunar series.

Most in the bullion coin world are very familiar with annual releases featuring animals from the Chinese Shengxiào twelve year celestial calendar (such as the ever popular Perth Lunar series). Each animal representing a year in the Shengxiào exerts a power that can influence for good or ill. However, most do not know that there is an entire realm surrounding this cycle from which mankind has been shielded.

What is this story? ZI:SIN! The battle! This battle is real, and it is relentless. Twelve Guardians have been established to serve as god’s commanders to protect mankind. Each stand to defend from demonic attacks and ambushes that come from the twelve directions represented on the lunar calendar-wheel. The individual commanders are empowered to stand against the specific evil forces that come from the direction they defend. To the Twelve Guardians, the earth is a battlefield and there is no rest.

Some consider their powers to be mythical and their battle only metaphorical, but these 12 commanders know better! In a similar way that the twelve animals of the lunar calendar have specific traits by which they exercise influence, so each of the 12 Guardians derive their powers from the same. The first ZI:SIN release came in 2017, the Year of the Rooster, featuring the guardian Gallus. A messenger of light, Gallus wears a splendid pointed helmet like a proud rooster which gives him the power to see into the future.

The second release came in 2018, the Year of the Dog, featuring the guardian Canis. Exerting keen leadership, and fierce loyalty Canis stands his ground as leader of the 12 in this never-ending battle to protect and defend mankind as god’s commanders.

The next release in 2019, the Year of the Pig, features beautiful yet powerful Scrofa. She is the protector and guide of the sacred Salt-Lake which serves as the divine passage way between the world of mortals and the gods. Prominently displayed at the waist of her body armor is the boar’s head, the animal to which she is aligned. Of special note, KOMSCO chose to represent Scrofa’s most potent power ‑ the ability to duplicate herself at will ‑ by minting a special Scrofa Ghost edition of the medallion with an incused doppelganger appearing behind her. While the mintage of the standard ZI:SIN releases are only 40,000 world-wide, the Scrofa Ghost has been limited to a minuscule 10,000!

With the tremendous success of the first three ZI:SIN releases, we are excited to see what KOMSCO has in store for us as the 12 year cycle turns! Be sure to make BOLD Precious Metals your first stop when each new release is announced.

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