2018 Silver Krugerrand


2018 Silver Krugerrand

Low as $1.75 over Spot!

The very first Silver bullion version of this iconic coin from South Africa is now in stock and ready to ship. These coins look fantastic! Take advantage of lower spot prices and lock in a fantastic price on these amazing coins today.

2018 Niue Darth Vader Lightsaber 1oz Silver Coin


2018 Darth Vader Lightsaber

Low as $3.15 + Spot

Lock in the low presale price on the next release in the Niue Star Wars bullion coin series! These are expected to ship Aug 22th. Come to the Dark Side…

2018 ATB Cumberland Island 5 oz Silver


2018 Cumberland Island, GA

Low as $2.65/oz + Spot!

The fourth America The Beautiful release of 2018 is now on presale. This is the absolutely lowest premium possible on this coin! Lock in the low spot price now while you can.

2018 Scottsdale Seahorse and Gorilla Silver Coins


New Scottsdale Sovereign Silver

Best Prices Online!

New releases from the world-renown Scottsdale Mint include the Samoa Seahorse and Congo Gorilla. Both coins are 1 oz of .999 fine Silver and feature the legendary Scottsdale production quality! Take advantage of LOW spot prices and get your order in today.

2018 St Helena Spade Guinea 1 oz Silver


2018 St. Helena Spade Guinea

Low as $2.35/oz + Spot!

A gorgeous new coin produced by the Sunshine Mint for the small Island Nation of St. Helena. The contrast achieved in this design is very impressive and the premiums are low!


Tuvalu Marvel Series In Stock

Low as $5.95 over Spot!

BOLD has secured fantastic prices on the four Tuvalu Marvel Silver bullion coins released so far and we are passing the savings on to you! Spider-Man, Thor, Black Panther, and Iron Man are ready to assemble in your safe!




Tuvalu Marvel Series: Superheroes and Precious Metals

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eChecks - Time is Money!

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BOLD 2.0

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Get Up to 5 oz of Silver at Spot

BOLD Precious Metals is extending a special one-time Spot Promotion to all of our customers! Everyone who registers at our store is eligible to buy [...]

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Semi-Numismatic Coins: The Best of Both Worlds

Numismatic, it is an odd word. Unless you are involved in collecting or investing in coins and other forms of money, you are not likely to run across it very often...

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BOLD New World

BOLD Precious Metals is passionate about bringing the precious metals marketplace to the masses. We believe that while many people are interested in owning gold and silver...

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