2021 Mongolia Mystic Wolf 2 oz Silver Black Proof

Also Available in 1 oz Silver Mirrored Proof!

This stunning coin is from the geniuses at the CIT Mint and is produced using their patented smartminting® technology! Additionally, this coin featured their Black Proof finish which is a truly stunning way to show off the high relief details of the design. Be sure to shop all our available CIT coins!


2021 Niue Coral Reef 2 oz Silver Coin

Stunning Craftsmanship!

We are pleased to offer this amazing coin depicting a vibrant underwater coral reef scene! The coin features an antiqued finish to which beautiful colors and selective translucent resin have been applied bringing to life the coral reef ecosystem. Only 500 of these coins will be minted for sale world-wide!


2021 Niue Camelot: Arthur Pendragon 2 oz Silver Coin

First Release in the Series!

This impressive new release is the first coin from the Camelot series. The amazing detail of the high relief design is set off with the antiqued finish and selective 24k gold plating on both sides of the coin. Comes in a fine wooden presentation box, themed shipper and numbered COA. Get in this amazing new series on the ground floor!


2021 Tuvalu Gods of Olympus: Hades

Third Release In The Series!

The ultra low mintage Gods of Olympus series continues with Hades! Produced by the Perth Mint, these coins come in a variety of sizes and finishes. We only have a very small allocation available and expect to sell through them quickly, so lock in your order as soon as you can!


2021 Rwanda Nautical Ounce: STS Sedov

Available in BU, Proof & Antiqued!

The fifth annual release in the popular Nautical Ounce series from Rwanda features the magnificent windjammer tall ship STS Sedov! Still sailing the high seas in it’s 100th year of service, the Sedov is one of the last remaining tall ships in operation. This impressive silver coin is available in Brilliant Uncirculated as well as limited mintage Proof and Antiqued.


2021 American Gold & Silver Eagles!

Type 1 & 2 Now Available!

2021 is a historic year for the most popular bullion coin in the world! The revered Silver and Gold American Eagle coins now feature a completely redesigned flip side! The change was made halfway through the year resulting in TWO distinct designs with the 2021 mint year, presenting a wonderful opportunity for collectors. Shop BOLD’s extensive selection of both designs at industry leading low prices now!


2021 The Awakening: Ama-Gi Liberty 5 oz

Second Release of the Series!

With only a tiny mintage of 2,000 this release is a guaranteed sell-out! The second release in a though provoking 5 oz Silver round series called The Awakening, this design features a stunning profile of Lady Liberty wearing a phrygian cap with the ancient Sumerian Ama-Gi symbol as a back drop. Visit our product page to learn more about this intriguing design!




Knights Tales: Celebrating 825 Years at the Austrian Mint

In 2019, the Austrian Mint in Vienna is celebrating its 825th year anniversary. That institutional longevity is remarkable considering the vast changes that have occurred throughout both Europe and the world during that time span. The story of how the Austrian Mint was founded is tied closely to the little known but extremely interesting story […]

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ZI:SIN - A New Perspective On Lunar Series

Back in 2016, the official mint of the Republic of South Korea (KOMSCO) made quite a splash with a new medallion series featuring the legendary Chiwoo Cheonwang. A historical figure wrapped in myth and mystery, Chiwoo is revered as a guardian to the Korean people. With the massive success of the Chiwoo series, KOMSCO began […]

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Tuvalu Marvel Series: Superheroes and Precious Metals

For every Superhero there is a story to be told. You might say, there are two stories, the personal history and the professional exploits. The two begin to merge into one in the unfolding of each episode. From the earliest comic books, to the larger graphic novels, and then the blockbuster movies, we have continued […]

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The Next Generation from Perth Mint: Piedfort?

One of the most illustrious mints in the world, Perth Mint in Australia is well-known for its beautiful designs and excellent production quality. As the official mint for Australian government-backed bullion coins, they produce a number of long running popular series featuring the unique animal species found on the continent Down Under. These include the […]

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America The Beautiful 2018 Series BOLD is especially excited about the 2018 America the Beautiful 5 oz Silver bullion coin series releases. Five of the most distinctive designs to date will begin their scheduled releases with the first hitting the Market in February. Since the 2010 premier release of this beautiful series, each year has […]

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2017 America The Beautiful 5 oz Releases

Sustained popular demand established America The Beautiful 5oz silver quarters one of the most popular series in US Mint history. From its first release, the series has been prized both by bullion investors and coin collectors. The America’s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-456) authorized production of these 5 […]

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God Save the Queen! A Look at the Queen’s Beasts Series

At the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, a set of plaster statues representing 10 heraldic beasts stood guard...

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2016 America The Beautiful 5 oz Releases

One of the most popular series in the illustrious history of The United States Mint, the America The Beautiful 5oz silver quarters...

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No More Milk Spots??

The Royal Canadian Mint announced that it has developed MINTSHIELD™, a proprietary process to protect the surface of their Silver bullion coins from the appearance of spotting (commonly known as milk spots due to their milky white color). While these spots do not effect the value of the silver in the coin, bullion stackers and coin […]

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Am I A Collector or Investor?

As with most collectible items, there are two ways of looking at your coin collection – as a hobby or an investment. However, due to their precious metal content, a great advantage of gold and silver coins is that they carry intrinsic value. As a collector, your primary interest may be the coin’s unique design. Perhaps you have […]

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Industrial Strength: The Increasing Demand for Precious Metals in Manufacturing

The question often surfaces, “What are the leading factors influencing spot price volatility in the Precious Metals Market?” Of course, the short answer that goes to the heart of the matter is, “Supply and demand.” However, such a simplistic response would result in a very short blog post! So, let’s dive beyond the simple answer, […]

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Fiat: It’s Not Just a Car

What comes to mind when you see or hear the word FIAT? While it is indeed a brand of Italian automobile, as a person interested in precious metals...

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PayPal Now Accepted At BOLD!

Great news! We now accept PayPal as a payment method on our checkout page. A safe and convenient way to pay online, PayPal orders typically ship the next business day. The prices are the same as for credit cards. Our current payment options and terms can be found HERE.

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The American Silver Eagle - A Story for Every Generation

The American Silver Eagle The American Silver Eagle quickly soared in popularity worldwide from its initial release. Across the globe, investors in official government-issued investment grade silver bullion coins choose the American Eagle first. This remarkably striking coin is also a must-have among collectors of fine silver coins. The design is one of the most […]

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eChecks - Time is Money!

The BOLD Benefits of Using eChecks We at BOLD are often asked by our new customers, “What are the benefits to using the eCheck payment option?” There are actually quite a few very positive benefits. Before getting into them, let’s briefly explore what eChecks are, and how they function within the world of Electronic Funds […]

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BOLD 2.0

We are very excited to announce that we have launched a completely updated website! We have worked hard to take into account all the great suggestions that our customers have sent us and we feel that the updated menus and filters will make it much easier to browse our great inventory of products. We are […]

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Pokemon vs Precious Metals: Encouraging Kids to Value Real Treasure

The conversation went something like this: “Dad! LOOK! I just earned 40,000 flier-points, and advanced to Level 8. REALLY, I can’t believe it. I’ve been trying to get to this level for weeks. Well, that’s great, son! That was quite a time commitment, but it sounds like the pay-off might have been worth it. Just […]

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Semi-Numismatic Coins: The Best of Both Worlds

Numismatic, it is an odd word. Unless you are involved in collecting or investing in coins and other forms of money, you are not likely to run across it very often...

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BOLD New World

BOLD Precious Metals is passionate about bringing the precious metals marketplace to the masses. We believe that while many people are interested in owning gold and silver...

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