BOLD Welcome Packs - Silver at Spot Price

Get Up to 5 oz of Silver at Spot


BOLD Precious Metals is extending a special one-time Spot Promotion to all of our customers! Everyone who registers at our store is eligible to buy up to 5 ounces of silver at the current spot price. What a deal!

We have created Welcome packages that you can choose from for this spot promotion. Unlike other dealers who only include basic rounds in their “buy at spot” promotions, BOLD has selected an exciting range of premium silver options for you to choose from. Keep in mind that each of these packages will be available for a limited time based on our inventory and once a package has sold out we will remove it from the offer list.

This Welcome Offer is limited to only one Welcome Pack per household (based on your Username, email, billing/shipping address) and you must make the purchase using a registered customer account on our website. See our list of currently available packages below. Click the titles to read more about them and view images of the items. Not only will you be getting an unbeatable deal on up to 5 ounces of silver, you will also joining the growing family of satisfied BOLD customers!

To order, click on the pack of your choice below and add it to your cart. You can then checkout or continue shopping. When you make your payment, you will pay only the silver spot price for items in your Welcome Pack. If you pay with a credit card, you will still only pay the spot price but there will be an additional fee included to cover the card processing fees.

BOLD does offer FREE SHIPPING on orders $99 and up; however, Welcome Packs do not count towards the $99 minimum. As long as you have other items in your cart that add up to $99, you can add the Welcome Pack and the whole order will ship for free. Otherwise, we charge a low flat shipping fee of $5.95. Remember, only ONE per household so pick your favorite!

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